‘Nervous’ Sharna Burgess Prepares for Big Trip With Brian Austin Green

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green.

Getty Images Sharna Burgess is nervous for a big trip.

Sharna Burgess is getting ready to bring her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, and their son, Zane, to Australia. The “Dancing With the Stars” pro has told her fans that she’s planning a big trip with her family, bringing Zane on an airplane for the first time — which is making her very “nervous.”

“We head to Australia soon and I am so nervous traveling with him. Long flights and a long time away,” Burgess captioned an Instagram post on April 13, 2023. She then asked fans for any advice they had for traveling with a baby. Dozens of comments started pouring in from people who had experiences to share with the new mom.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Gave Sharna Burgess Advice About Traveling With Zane on a Long Flight

As baby Zane continues to grow and change, Burgess often shares updates about him and how she’s feeling as he gets older. There have been many times that Burgess has begged for time to slow down — and her post on April 13, 2023, was no different.

Aside from telling her fans that she’s heading Down Under “soon,” she also expressed being a “mess” because Zane is growing up so fast. Many moms could sympathize with Burgess and did so in the comments section. Meanwhile, others gave her advice for traveling with a baby.

“Not sure if you’re still nursing and you don’t have to answer necessarily, but nursing super helps with their ears to help them pop so they don’t hurt,” one person suggested.

“Request an airline bassinet and see if it’s available. If bassinet is available you can buy a seat and bring your car seat and have him sleep in their. Feed him during takeoff to help pop his ears or have him use his pacifier if it’s not feeding time. Keep your normal routine, try and schedule a red eye as most babies sleep the longest at night. Pack extra clothes and diapers. Relax mamma you got this,” someone else added.

“Snacks, lots of snacks, a bottle to help his ears, ask for a baby carrier if your plane has rows for them. Then he can sleep more comfortably,” a third comment read.

Brian Austin Green Met Sharna Burgess’ Mother for the First Time in 2021

Due to the pandemic, Burgess was unable to introduce her boyfriend to her family. However, in December 2021, Burgess’ mom, Lucy, came to the United States and the two reunited for the first time in more than a year.

“Joy, relief, gratitude and deep love. Reunited with my Mum for the first time since Covid kept us apart. My heart could explode,” Burgess captioned a Reel on December 10, 2021. This was also the first time that Green had met Burgess’ mom since he and Burgess started dating — they first met in October 2020, according to People magazine.

Burgess’ mom has since moved to The States and spends a lot of time caring for Zane. The ballroom pro still has plenty of family and friends in her home country that she will visit while she’s there.

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