Fans Think Popular DWTS Pro Is Done With the Show & She Responds

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Heavy/Getty/ABC Sharna Burgess says she'd "love to" return to DWTS.

Sharna Burgess’ posts on her Instagram Stories led some fans to believe that she was ready to say goodbye to “Dancing With the Stars” for good.

The ballroom pro shared a video of her new tattoo on November 7, 2023, and seemed to hint that she was not planning on a return to the show. She later clarified her comments.

“Let’s see if you can see this properly,” Burgess said, holding up the sleeve of her T-shirt. “It says Zane Walker Green. So, down there is the Unalong symbol which is basically your unique path in life,” she continued, adding, “it goes all the way up to the symbol for unconditional love.”

“I’m obsessed with it and now I can’t wait to think of the new ones that I want to get. I’ve held off on getting tattoos for such a long time even though I love them because I never really wanted to do too many for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ because it’s super wholesome. And I think lots of tattoos on girls is probably still not a thing on that show. But now I’m excited that I can do a bunch,” Burgess said, seemingly suggesting that she no longer has to worry about DWTS.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sharna Burgess Said Her Post Didn’t Contain a ‘Hidden Message’

Some fans messaged Burgess asking if this was her way of saying that she had no plans to return to the show and she decided to address those concerns head on.

“I’ve had a decent handful of you ask me if what I said about tattoos means that I’m not returning to ‘Dancing,'” Burgess said with a laugh. “No. But to fill in the gap for you, I have no idea what’s going to happen there. I would love to [return]. I still love the show. Who knows what that will be next year? But I’m also in a space of doing things that I want to do and things that feel good to me,” Burgess said.

“And something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is to get more artwork on my body that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Something for my mom. Something for my nan, who is the woman that got me into dancing. Obviously, something for Zane. And designing something really cool for all the kids, too, actually. So, no, there’s no hidden message in that whatsoever. But I am in a space of doing what I want for me. And that is what I think I meant by that,” she added.

Burgess previously showed off another tattoo on her hands. She got “LO” inked on one hand and “VE” on the other. Her fiance, Brian Austin Green, got the same tattoo so that when they hold hands, the word “LOVE” is formed.

Sharna Burgess Previously Said That She’s Unsure What the Future Holds

Burgess’ comments come weeks after she revealed that she was cut from season 32 of the dance competition show.

“It’s known now. The cast has been leaked. But, I wasn’t asked back to do ‘Dancing With the Stars’ this year, which was definitely a huge shock to me,” she said on the September 12, 2023, episode of the “Old-ish,” podcast.

“I realized when those spots were all filled and I was like, ‘Oh my God. I didn’t get the call,'” she added. Later on in the episode, Burgess said that she wasn’t sure if she’d ever return to the program.

“I don’t know if that means I’ll ever get to do it again. And to be feeling that uncertainty of, ‘Wow. Is that part of my journey over now’?” she wondered. “Where does it go from here? I’m excited about having the space to create other things again and I know the universe has done this for a reason, created this space for me to be able to focus on the next thing. But it feels really sad,” she said.

In the time since, Burgess was left out of the pros tribute to Len Goodman despite other former pros being invited back for the special evening.

“I haven’t made a single comment publicly about the tribute because of a few reasons. Firstly… I know it’s not about me it’s about Len and the honor he deserved. Secondly… This hurt more than not being asked back and I’m working through it,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories in October 2023.

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