DWTS Alum Tied to Lawsuit Ahead of Television Special

Wendy Williams Lawsuit

Heavy Wendy Williams' guardian filed a lawsuit against Lifetime.

A legal situation is developing ahead of a televised documentary starring a former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant. Season 12 DWTS alum Wendy Williams is the focus of a four-part series airing on February 24 and 25 on Lifetime. Ahead of the slated airings, however, a lawsuit has been filed against Lifetime. This filing has the potential to impact the network’s plans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Wendy Williams’ Legal Guardian Filed the Lawsuit

On February 22, TMZ reported that the legal guardian of Williams filed a lawsuit against A&E Television Networks, which is the parent company of Lifetime.

Williams has had a legal guardian managing her medical and financial affairs since May 2022, according to the Daily Mail. The guardian was appointed by the court after the bank Wells Fargo reported concerns over how Williams’ money was being used.

TMZ indicated the paperwork was filed by a woman named Sabrina Morrissey. She stated she is acting in her capacity as the W.W.H. temporary guardian in filming the lawsuit. As TMZ notes, W.W.H. is believed to refer to Wendy Williams Hunter.

Morrissey filed the lawsuit under seal, which means that the specifics are not available to the public. Despite the full documents being under seal, TMZ obtained what they could and noted, “There are a few clues that could indicate what this might be about.”

“All signs seem to point to some connection with the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams’ 2-part doc that’s dropping Saturday,” the outlet continued.

Morrissey is asking for a temporary restraining order in her filing. This would suggest she wants a judge to intervene and force A&E to hold the documentary rather than air it as scheduled.

The judge involved has set a hearing date, but it is not until after the scheduled airing dates of the Lifetime documentary. TMZ reported that the judge also ordered that all of the filed documents remain under seal for now.

Lifetime Plans to Air the Series Despite the Lawsuit

Deadline provided some additional information about Morrissey’s filing. Morrissey filed the lawsuit requesting injunctive relief in New York Supreme Court on February 22. In addition to A&E, she named Entertainment One Reality Productions in the suit as well.

A&E Networks filed an appeal on February 23, Deadline noted. Morrissey’s name had not been made public until news of this lawsuit emerged.

On February 22, Williams’ representative released a statement revealing heartbreaking news regarding the former “Dancing with the Stars” alum’s health.

“In 2023, after undergoing a battery of medical tests, Wendy was officially diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia,” the statement detailed.

Williams already had diagnoses of Graves’ disease, lymphedema, and alcohol addiction, noted the Hollywood Reporter.

The documentary team began filming with Williams in August 2022. Williams is an executive producer of the project, and the initial plan was to film her as she made a public comeback with a podcast.

Unfortunately, the focus of filming shifted as Williams’ mental and physical issues became more and more prominent. According to People, filming stopped in April 2023.

Concerns regarding Williams’ health had escalated at that time. She soon entered a care facility to receive help for “cognitive issues.” She remains in a care facility now, and her family says they have been unable to see or contact her.

Lifetime still plans to air the two-night series despite the lawsuit, People revealed. The outlet received a statement from the network regarding the situation. It noted, “Lifetime appeared in court today, and the documentary ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ will air this weekend as planned.”