DWTS Pro Witney Carson Shares ‘Inappropriate’ Fan Interaction

Witney Carson

Heavy/Getty Witney Carson

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Witney Carson is open with her fans about her life and usually likes meeting them in person, but in a March 14, 2023, Instagram Story, she shared an inappropriate interaction she had with one fan.

When someone asked if she likes it when fans come up to her, Carson said she does, but only at appropriate times.

“I really adore my fans and am so grateful!” she wrote. “The OG people have supported since I was 18 on SYTYCD and it changed my life. With that being said – I did have a fan come up to me at a funeral while I was crying and it was just very inappropriate timing.”

She added, “I was so caught off guard that I took the photo but I would say funerals are really not the best place. I think we can all agree. That’s been the only time that I’ve been like what in the world hahah.”

Witney Carson Also Shared Details About Her Life

During the Instagram Q&A, Carson shared that her life is far from perfect, though some fans may think that it is.

“I feel very blessed to have a great marriage and good people around me but that doesn’t mean my life is perfect,” she shared. “We struggle in different ways and are tested and tried just like everyone else. I like to post the happy parts on here because I’m generally a happy person. You guys make it easy to share it all though!”

In other slides, Carson revealed that her husband is a good dancer, shared that she has never had plastic surgery, and opened up about feeling self-conscious.

“Some days are worse than others, probably like most of you,” she said. “I have my insecurities that I don’t like and sometimes I focus on those things too much. It’s not good for my mental health/for anyone so staying positive and finding the things I love is what I’m working on right now!”

Witney Carson & Her Husband Are Expecting Their Second Child in May 2023

Carson and her husband, Sam Cusick, are expecting their second child in June 2023. They have not revealed their baby’s name, though Carson has said they have two picked out.

The family is also moving to Florida in the near future.

“Well you guys, we are moving…. TO FLORIDA!!” Carson revealed in an Instagram post. “As hard as this change might be, I know it’s right for us right now. I’m filled with lots of emotions, but I really am excited to have this adventure with my little family. Im embracing the change, so here we go 2023!! Will continue to give updates here, love you all.”

She also shared that she plans to go back and forth to Los Angeles “all the time” and will likely still be competing on the next season of “Dancing With the Stars,” though that will likely depend on how she’s doing, as she will only be a few months postpartum.

“Dancing With the Stars” is set to return in the fall of 2023 on Disney+.

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