Pregnant DWTS Pro Advised to ‘Rest’ After Some Concerns

A pregnant woman.

Pixabay A DWTS pro was advised to rest.

A “Dancing With the Stars” pro found out that she was pregnant at the very beginning of season 31, but was able to continue throughout the competition. However, there was one point during the season that her doctor advised her to rest.

Witney Carson is almost 14 weeks pregnant and announced the exciting news during a live episode of the show. Carson was growing a baby inside of her the entire season, but made sure that she sought her doctor’s advice when it came to putting any type of strain on her body.

On November 29, 2022, Carson did a Q&A on her Instagram Stories during which she revealed that there were some concerns about her pregnancy ahead of the finale and she actually sat out some of the rehearsals with her partner Wayne Brady.

Here’s what you need to know:

Carson Experienced Spotting & Called Her Doctor for Advice

Carson was sure to take things one step at a time while competing on season 31. She found out that she was expecting her second child the day after the premiere aired on Disney+.

“We were like ‘OH BOY! Here we go!” Carson recalled of the moment she and her husband found out the news.

During her Q&A, someone asked if dancing in the first trimester was “safe.” Carson said that she did talk with her doctor about competing on the show and was told that she could continue dancing as long as she felt okay.

“My OB said I was good to continue what I was doing as long as I was feeling good,” Carson explained. However, Carson called her doctor again when she noticed some spotting.

“There was a point towards the end of the season where I had a bit of spotting and the OB suggested some rest. I had @alexis_warr come in to help run things with Wayne so I could sit and rest. Baby came first always!” Carson said.

Carson Is Due at the End of May & She Knows Her Baby’s Sex

Carson revealed that her baby is due on May 28, 2022 — just two days apart from her DWTS pal Daniella Karagach.

The DWTS pro let her fans know that she and her hubby Carson McAllister did find out the baby’s sex and know if their son Leo is getting a baby brother or baby sister, but they are keeping that news to themselves — for now.

“We know. Just not sharing quite yet,” Carson responded to a fan question. “We did an intimate reveal this time around and it was so special! Will reveal soon!” she added.

As far as names go, Carson said she and her husband do have a few that they like.

“Won’t know for sure until we see baby I think,” she said.

As for how this pregnancy is different than the first, Carson said that she was feeling pretty crummy early on.

“I was much more nauseas in first trimester than with Leo. Feel like this baby kicked my butt!!!! Showing faster too,” she wrote. Staying hydrated really helped her feel better.

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