WATCH: DoorDash Super Bowl Ad With Daveed Diggs on ‘Sesame Street’

Sesame Street cast

Getty The stars of Sesame Street

Sesame Street got into the Super Bowl game – with a little help from a celebrity friend.

In a new Super Bowl ad campaign for DoorDash, the Muppets ordered must-have items from the food delivery service, including  Big Bird’s lunch – an 87-pound of birdseed – as their “neighbor,” Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, looked on in shock.

An expanded  60-second Super Bowl commercial featured Diggs and Sesame Street’s resident bird dancing down the famous street to a revamped rendition of the classic Sesame Street theme song “The People In Your Neighborhood” while showcasing all of the culinary offerings their neighborhood has to offer.

You can see the full ad below:


The Marketing Campaign, Titled ‘The Neighborhood’ Featured  Several Short Spots With Sesame Workshop Characters Utilizing The Delivery Service to Support Local Businesses


In the clip, Diggs was seen reading a book on his couch alongside Sesame Street icon Cookie Monster, when the doorbell rang. Diggs was greeted by a group of DoorDashers holding out orders of sushi and ramen, tandoori chicken, burgers, and even cookies and milk from the store.

“Oh no, I thought I just ordered tacos,” the Tony award-winner said as his blue-furred bestie popped in the doorway to say, “Me hungry!”

Diggs then suggested they call some friends to help them eat.

“Yeah, good idea!” Cookie Monster said as the actor dialed up Grover.

In addition to supplying cute Super Bowl commercials, DoorDash will donate $1 to Sesame Workshop for every order up to $1 million in support of the nonprofit’s social impact programs,  according to People.

Daveed Diggs Said He Would Have Been ‘Hard-Pressed’ To Say No to Working on the ‘Sesame Street’ Themed Campaign

Diggs has a bit of a history with Sesame Street. He played Mr. Noodle in the show’s 47th season in 2017, and once put his own spin on his  “homie”  Ernie’s  “Rubber Duckie” song.

“I think you’d have been hard-pressed to get me to say no to anything involving Sesame Street,” Diggs told People of the new campaign. “I’m a pretty big fan.”

He also said his animated costars were “incredible” to work with.

“I remember sitting on the couch with Cookie Monster, and we’re between takes just having conversations, you know, just like actors talk to each other between takes, catching up on what each other was doing,” Diggs told the outlet. “You totally forget that [those characters] are animated.”

The Grammy winner told In Style that he was even a bit starstruck by the experience after growing up watching Sesame Street and the famous celebrity guests who have been a part of the show over the decades.

He called his new stuffed pals his “homies from Sesame Street,”

“You end up kind of just talking to them,” he said of the characters. “I have all of these great memories with these guys now. Just chilling on a couch with Cookie Monster for an hour talking about the gig.”

Diggs also said he was happy to help DoorDash and Sesame Workshop’s movement for children and education for another big reason.

“Those opportunities have kind of shaped my life in a way that is pretty profound, so I’m always looking for opportunities to be more involved in that space,” he said.

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