Gerry Turner Video of ‘Woman in Mirror’ May Provide Final Rose Clue

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Heavy Gerry Turner

Some “Golden Bachelor” fans think a woman in a mirror in a video interview of Gerry Turner provides a clue to his choice for the final rose.

The mirror clue comes from an interview that Turner gave with US Weekly. You can watch the video later in the article. It’s not clear whether fans are right, but be forewarned that they have a theory on who Turner chooses.

“I think I have proof of who he ends up with,” wrote one Reddit fan who posted the “woman in the mirror” video. However, another fan declared it “inconclusive evidence” on the Reddit thread.

Fans have endlessly dissected the video appearance. Some people claim they can see a woman in the mirror behind Turner in the video, and they think they have an idea who it is.

After the “Women Tell All” episode, Turner had narrowed his choices down to Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima.

Here’s what you need to know:

Eagle-Eyed Fans Think the Brown-Haired Woman Looks Most Like Leslie Fhima

gerry turner

YouTube/Us WeeklyFans tried to guess who the woman in the mirror was during Gerry Turner’s interview with Us Weekly.

On Reddit, fans have debated the mirror clue. Another thread where it is discussed is headlined, “Did Gerry just spoil his winner?”

Some fans commenting think the woman in the mirror looks mostly like Leslie Fhima. “lol for context, this is the ‘hint’ that it’s Leslie,” wrote one fan on Reddit, sharing the above screenshot from the Turner interview.

The mirror has slats, which makes it a bit more difficult to see what the person on the bed looks like, but viewers noted that she appears to have brown hair. Of course, both Nist and Fhima have brown hair, but some viewers think the woman looks more like Fhima. This is all speculative of course. The woman could be a family member, someone in the crew, or who knows?

Another fan wrote, “I watched the whole interview and the figure in the mirror doesn’t move once. It looks like a person on the bed, sure. But wouldn’t a normal person move during this interview? Like, flinch, adjust, something? Idk. Just seems odd.”

Another fan noted on Reddit, “The top 3 are all brunette it could be any of them, I actually think it looks more like Faith than Leslie though.” However, Turner cut Faith Martin in the last episode.

In the first Reddit thread, a fan wrote, “Looks like Leslie.” Another fan noted, “Maybe this was goof and spoiler, but if he was doing an an official interview I also think it’s likely they had a producer in the room with him; so could very easily be a handler instead of one of the women.”

Although more people think the woman in the video looks like Fhima, some think she looks like Nist.

“I think it looks most like Faith but could also be Teresa,” a woman wrote. “That looks like Theresa to me,” wrote another.

There is a second video that people have also claimed gives away Turner’s choice.

In that video, which Fhima posted to her TikTok page, some fans think they heard Turner giggle.

Gerry Turner Discussed Marriage & Commitment in the Video in Question

In the video above, you can see the woman on the bed in the mirror over Turner’s shoulder.

In the video interview with US Weekly in October 2023, Turner was asked how important an engagement and marriage in general were to him, and Turner said the process started several years ago for him.

“As I was dating, I was looking for the person I would spend the rest of my life with, regardless of the label,” he told the host. “And as I got closer and closer to the process started in the show, I really kind of came to realize that I did indeed want to be married. That I wanted that commitment, that two-way street. And so as I got into the show, that was my objective. I’ll leave it at that.”

Asked if he had to referee any drama during the show, Turner responded, “There was a, what I would consider an insignificant amount of drama. Nothing like what is seen in some of the other seasons of The Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I think really the people that were involved were just simply speaking a different language. They weren’t quite on the same plane.”

Turner added: “As far as me refereeing, that’s not a problem. My second career was in mediation. So getting people to talk to each other and find agreement is one of the things that I was sort of trained to do.”

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