Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Love on the Slopes’ Filmed? Was It Really at Ridgeline Resort?

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Hallmark’s Love on the Slopes, which first premiered in 2018, takes place at Ridgeline Resort in Colorado. In the movie, copy editor Alex has to write a story about trying a series of extreme sports. But is Ridgeline Resort real? Can you really go there and try a bunch of extreme sports? Unfortunately, Love on the Slopes was not actually filmed in Colorado. But you can still visit where the movie was filmed and try out a lot of different extreme sports if you want to relive the movie.

‘Love on the Slopes’ Was Filmed in Canada, Not Colorado

Love on the Slopes was not filmed at Ridgeline Resort in Colorado. In fact, Ridgeline Resort is just a fictional setting for the movie. The movie was actually filmed on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. You can visit Whistler Mountain yourself if you want to experience some of the same sports that Alex and Cole did in the movie.

Thomas Beaudoin, who plays Cole, said in a behind-the-scenes video for Hallmark Channel that the movie was filmed on Whistler Mountain in Canada. Just as Love on the Slopes featured extreme sports like zip-lining, bungee jumping, skiing, tubing, and more, you can also visit Whistler Mountain and do a lot of fun sports there, too. The sports listed on their activities page include skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, cat skiing, backcountry ski tours, nordic skiing, winter ziplining, dog sledding, a tube park, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, winter bungee jumping, tree top adventures, ice fishing, eagle viewing, and even sleigh rides. So yes, you can get pretty much any adventure you saw on the movie — and more — by visiting the location where the movie was filmed. There’s even a Whistler Adventure School you can join, where you design and build your own custom skates or board, creating your own souvenir to remember your trip.

Here’s a video about mountain biking in Whistler, during some not-so-snowy months:

And here are some photos from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club:

This would be a beautiful place to visit, wouldn’t it? Take a look at these Whistler Bungee photos too, which might bring back memories from the movie:

Hallmark films are frequently made in Canada rather than the United States, even if the script takes place in the U.S. This is because it often costs less to film in Canada and they may be able to get subsidies not available in the U.S. David Anselmo, CEO of Hideaway Pictures, which often works on Hallmark films, said this: “A lot of Hallmark movies get made in Canada and Northern Ontario. It’s a great economic driver for the industry. Every movie we film, we’re hiring hundreds of locals and spending millions of dollars in the local economy.” In fact, BC is such a popular location for Hallmark films — especially the Christmas Hallmark movies — that What’sFilming referred to it in August as being in “a perpetual state of Christmas.” Ironically, the Hallmark Channel isn’t even available in Canada, but the films are often picked up by Canadian channels and aired there too. Last January, someone even started a petition to bring Hallmark to Canada.

You may not be able to visit Ridgeline Resort’s extreme sports location in Colorado, but you can see it for yourself in Canada if you really want to. And it looks like it would be a lot of fun to visit.

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