Obituary for Alicia Witt’s Parents Describes ‘Magical’ Souls Who Were Inseparable

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Hallmark star Alicia Witt’s parents died unexpectedly at the ages of 87 and 75. Robert and Diane Witt were found dead in their home on December 20, after Witt had asked a family member to do a welfare check on them. An obituary that was just published on January 20 revealed a couple described as “magical” souls, who loved animals and walking outside. The Witts were described as practically inseparable throughout their long marriage. A cause of death for the couple has not yet been established.

The Obituary Detailed a Couple Who Loved to Travel, Eat, & Were ‘Utterly Inseparable & Interwined’

A beautifully written obituary honoring Robert and Diane Witt was published in the Telegram & Gazette on January 20, exactly one month after the couple was found dead. The obituary described a couple who were “utterly inseparable and intertwined,” who loved to eat, loved to travel, and had a fondness for pets.

The obituary revealed that Robert Witt had studied science and physics to junior high students for more than 35 years before he retired in 1994. After retiring, he began pursuing photography and was accredited by the American Photographers Association. He spent his retirement taking professional photos at events like weddings and graduations. But, his obituary noted, his favorite photography subject was taking portraits of people and animals.

The obituary also noted that Diane loved all animals “especially her beloved furry grandbabies.” She and Robert (who was typically referred to as Bob) also loved music, going for daily walks, and traveling. Their journeys took them to Europe, South America, and Australia before they had children, and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Nashville.

According to the obituary, Diane and Bob both loved flowers, and Bob loved playing chess. “His daughter Alicia only ever bested him twice,” the article shared, adding that Bob never let his children win, but taught them his strategies instead. The article joked about how much food Diane loved eating (“she frequently astonished onlookers…by the amount she could consume.”)

In a more somber turn, the article concluded by sharing that the couple became more isolated due to “fears of covid-19” and stopped going on daily walks. But, the obituary concluded: “They were magical, original souls – maddeningly stubborn, astonishingly brilliant, fiercely independent, utterly irreplaceable – and those of us who loved them miss them so dearly.”

The obituary also noted that people wanting to donate in the couple’s names could make donations to The Salvation Army Worcester or the Worcester County Food Bank.

Their Cause of Death Is Still Not Known

The couple’s cause of death is still not known, Telegram & Gazette reported on January 20. They were no signs of trauma at the scene. And although they had been without a working furnace, it wasn’t clear if that played a role in their deaths. Some neighbors told Boston 25 that they hadn’t heard about any heating issues at the home. Officials told Boston 25 that that hypothermia might have played a role in the Witts’ deaths, but they weren’t sure.

The couple had reported having health issues after their home was damaged, which one neighbor told the Boston Herald was in “terrible condition” following an ice storm that took place in 2008. Court records from a 2011 case filed against Hanover Insurance claimed that mold and fiberglass exposure had left Diane Witt with “difficulty with her memory [and] with communication.”

Telegram & Gazette reported that the case claimed that the $110,000 paid was not enough to repair the damage to their home. The insurance company’s lawyer, in response, claimed in 2017 that the couple only made rudimentary repairs.

Worcester Fire Deputy Chief Adam Roche told Telegram & Gazette that there were no signs of carbon monoxide in the home.

Court documents obtained by Telegram & Gazette revealed that the Witts stayed in their home most of the time because Robert Witt’s cancer put him at risk of COVID-19.

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