Alison Sweeney Dishes on New ‘Murder She Baked,’ Including Premiere Date

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Alison Sweeney took to Instagram to answer fan questions about Hallmark’s new “Murder She Baked” movie, including when the latest installment will be premiering on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Sweeney Said She Believes the Premiere Date Is Sunday, August 8


During her Instagram Live Q&A, Sweeney said the premiere date is this summer.

She said: “So I believe the premiere date is August 8. Definitely stay tuned and keep up and we’ll post all the information as it occurs. But I’m pretty sure this brand new Hannah Swensen is premiering on August 8.”

She Answered Other Fan Questions About What to Expect in the Movie

Sweeney is already on set at The Cookie Jar, she shared on her Instagram Story.


One fan asked if they get to eat all the treats during filming. She said no but then jokingly panned to them eating the treats.


One fan asked if Moisha the cat would be back in the new movie, and Sweeney shared this photo with the comment “fur sure.” So it looks like we’ll be seeing Moisha again!


When asked if Norman would be back, she shared this photo.


Another fan asked if Hannah and Mike were married or getting married in this movie. Sweeney and Mathison were both answering questions at this point. Mathison said, “Well, we’ve got to be careful because we don’t want to give too much away here. … But it seems like you don’t want to rush things.”


Sweeney agreed. “No, no, you don’t want to rush things. I’m saying no comment. You’ll have to watch!”

She Answered Other Behind-the-Scenes Questions Too

Sweeney answered more questions that weren’t directly related to the new movie, too.


She said that cookies are her favorite thing to bake, sharing that she and Megan love to make cookies together.

“Cookies are just a good go-to,” she said.


When asked about her favorite scene, she said one of them was when Hannah and Delores questioned a suspect at a stables.


When asked what was the best part about making her mystery movies, she said: “I think something you’d be surprised to know is that sometimes you have to get touched up in the bathroom.”


When Mathison was asked what his favorite behind-the-scenes moment was, he said: “Probably just gorging on all the yummy baked goods that I get to do in these movies. How about you?”

Sweeney said, “I think watching you gorge on all the baked goods.”

Mathison added: “It’s like the only time I get to eat ’em! So…”


When asked about her favorite dessert of all time, she said that was a tough question. “Classic cupcake maybe,” she said. “Red velvet cupcake!”

Mathison asked, “Can I just go with ice cream? … Either Oreo Cookie or Cookie Dough.”

“Murder She Baked” hasn’t had a new movie since 2017. Hallmark only recently announced that a new installment will finally be premiering this summer.

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