Amy Acker Comments on a ‘Crashing Through the Snow’ Sequel

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This year, Amy Acker plays the lead role in Hallmark’s new 2021 Christmas in July film: “Crashing Through the Snow.” She recently revealed that she would be more than open to the idea of a sequel.

Acker Would Love a Sequel to ‘Crashing Through the Snow’

In an interview with Niagara Frontier Publications, Acker revealed that she and the rest of the cast involved in “Crashing Through the Snow” would love to see a sequel.

She shared: “We all had so much fun on ‘Crashing Through the Snow’ that we were all like, ‘OK, how do we make another all together?’ We’ve all been throwing ideas around of what the sequel could be.”

In fact, Acker got the role for this movie because she was already pitching a different movie idea to Hallmark.

“I wrote a Christmas movie – because I love doing them – and I had sent it to Hallmark, and they were reading it and then, all of a sudden, I heard, ‘They aren’t going to do yours, but they’d like you to do this one instead,'” she shared. “So, I got very excited because really I just wanted to make a Christmas movie; I didn’t care which one it was. And this had a lot of a similar feeling to the kind of character I wanted to play, and everything I was hoping mine would be – but it was better and really well written and amazing.”

She didn’t share any more details about what a sequel script for “Crashing Through the Snow” would entail, but she said that she thought the script for the movie that just premiered was really fun.

“We get to do all sorts of crazy things, and the best Christmas activities, and have a good time with the kids,” she said. “And we end up, maybe, falling in love … and having a pretty great Christmas with everybody all together.”

She added that a big part of the script involves her character, Maggie, being really clumsy (thus the name “Crashing Through the Snow.”)

“She’s falling all over the place,” Acker told Niagara Frontier Publications. “There’s lots of slippery surfaces like ice and skis (laughs), but she’s not able to completely stand up. There’s lots of fun moments where we get to do fun things.”

The Movie Was Written By an Austin, Texas, Resident

“Crashing Through the Snow” was written by a resident of Austin, Texas, Austin 360 reported. Tamar Laddy, a lecturer at the University of Texas, said this was her first Hallmark movie, although she’s written for other TV shows.

Laddy said she met with Hallmark about the movie in February 2020, which was then greenlit for production in early 2021. Although the storyline is set in Austin and in Aspen, it was filmed in Canada.

Laddy has also written for “General Hospital,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and more.

She told Austin 360 that her sister, who’s a single mom, inspired her idea for the film.

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