Hallmark’s Brennan Elliott & His Wife Share Emotional Tributes to Each Other

Brennan Elliott

Heavy/Hallmark Hallmark star Brennan Elliott

In a touching tribute befitting of one of his own Hallmark movies, actor Brennan Elliott marked his 12th wedding anniversary on September 10, 2023, by sharing a lengthy Instagram post in which he gushed about his “warrior queen” wife, Camilla Row. She sang her husband’s praises on social media, too, calling him “the best person for me.”

The couple — who are parents to Luna, 8, and Liam, 10 — has certainly kept their vows to stand by one another “in sickness and in health,” as Row has faced an arduous journey with stomach cancer requiring intense treatments and life-altering surgeries over the last few years.

They each shared the same photo from their wedding day on Instagram to accompany their touching tributes, in which each promised to never give up on love nor their hopes for a long future together as Row begins a new treatment regime in an attempt to keep her cancer at bay.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brennan Elliott Thanks His Wife for ‘Saying Yes to This Prairie Boy’

In Elliott’s tribute to his wife, he wrote that “9/10/11 will always be THAT SPECIAL day!”

“Before u i never knew what true love was,” he continued. “It’s more than a feeling, it’s a commitment to fight thru everything life throws at you and u never give up on love! Being by your side going on life’s journey together has been the greatest gift and I would never want to be joined at the hip with anyone else.”

Elliott then alluded to the difficulties they’ve faced together. In 2018, Row was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for stage one gastric cancer, including the removal of her stomach, after years of searching for answers to severe, ongoing heartburn, according to City of Hope, where she is a patient. A recurrence shifted her to stage four status in early 2022, which has required frequent monitoring and interventions.

Elliott honored her resiliency in his post, writing, “There have been bright moments and yes very very painful and dark ones but our love has stood firm and fought on, and will never quit or give in! I have never seen a more stronger and fearless example of determination and Hope than in you these last 8 years or so.”

In between helping Row at home, Elliott has still been able to periodically take on Hallmark movie roles, from 2022’s “The Gift of Peace” to an upcoming Christmas movie tentatively titled “It Happened at Christmas.” In his post, Elliott assured Row that he will continue to be there for her through thick and thin.

“I am not perfect but k ow I will always fight for u and never leave your side,” he wrote. “U r my warrior queen and the last 12 years have been the ride of a lifetime and I know in my heart the lord will bless us with decades more of HEALTH and HAPPINESS and nobody deserves that more than you.”

“THANKYOU for saying yes to this prairie boy,” he concluded, “and always know I will never leave your side.”

In her own love note to her husband, Row wrote, “My Gosh, the ups, the downs, the impossible and everything in between. How could have I gotten such a devoted and loving partner?”

She continued, “We don’t get it right most of the time, we’re not perfect but I know I have the best person for me. There have been so many hard moments with my diagnosis, days when I want to runaway from my own self, my own life…but you’ve stuck to me no matter the circumstances.”

Brennan Elliott Posts Current Photo With His ‘Warrior Queen,’ Who Will Start New Cancer Treatment This Month

In addition to both sharing the throwback photo and their tributes, Elliott posted a current selfie of them together, with his arms wrapped around her as she smiled for the camera.

Elliott wrote, “in the midst of any storm one needs to spend time in joy! THANKYOU for the best years of my life! Here’s to many many many more!” He also added the hashtag #warriorqueen, which has become one of his terms of endearment for her.

On the couple’s posts, friends and fans swooned over their enduring love, including one fan who wrote, “This is a true Hallmark Romance Movie.”

Another fan added, “If anyone is wondering what true love,best friends, and a fighting spirit (not to mention gorgeous and handsome!) this is what happily ever after looks like. Wishing you years upon years of happiness 💘”

Meanwhile, fellow Hallmark star Cameron Mathison wrote, “Love these two❤️” and Elliott’s “Christmas at Grand Valley” co-star Danica McKellar wrote, “Aww, love this post!! Happy Anniversary!! 💖💖💖”

After undergoing another surgery in August to target suspicious cells that tested positive for cancer, Row posted a private Instagram update on September 8. She just completed 36 immunotherapy infusions over the last 18 months, which she said she believes “helped tremendously,” and wrote that she’ll begin a new chemo regimen later this month as she awaits further testing results.

Row added, “As always, I am so fortunate to have a incredible team behind me, one I can have open discussions with, challenge and collaborate with. I am always so thankful for God’s blessings and I am trying to maintain a hopeful and positive mindset, with lots of #gratitude.”

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