‘It Scares the Life Out of Me’: Brennan Elliott Opens Up About Filming New Movie

Brennan Elliott

Hallmark Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott and Nikki DeLoach’s new Christmas movie, “The Gift of Peace,” just premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Elliott recently opened up in media interviews about why making the movie was difficult and why he felt scared when he first read the script.

Elliott Said His Wife Encouraged Him to Make the Movie

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Elliott shared that he felt scared when he first read the script, but his wife Cami encouraged him to make the movie.

“There were a couple of scripts that came across my desk, and this was one that I read, and it scared me, to be perfectly honest,” he told TV Fanatic. “When I first read it, I thought, wow. It’s a testament to Hallmark’s diversifying content, going deeper on certain movies…”

He explained that it was his wife, Cami, who encouraged him to make the movie.

“I actually had my wife read it, and she told me, ‘You really should do this. There are people out there going through real struggles and dealing with a lot of pain, and this might serve as a healing tool and give them a little hope,'” he revealed.

He later expanded on what he felt when he first read the script, explaining that it hit close to home, especially since he tries to make all his movies very personal.

“I don’t want to do this. It scares the life out of me,” he said, explaining his reactions when he first read the screenplay. “…I knew what it was like to lose someone and to be in grief. I know what it’s like even to be faced with the fear of anticipatory grief… Obviously, as a caregiver for my wife’s illness, it hit home in some ways that scared me. But at the same time, those are the ones you want to do.”

He said that he spoke with co-star DeLoach, who has also dealt with grief.

“We both decided to jump off into the ocean of grief together, so to speak,” Elliott said.

He admitted that it was tough to film on some days because of the content, but they really helped each other through it.

Elliott added that at some point, everyone will go through pain and grief that is incredibly difficult to navigate, and he hopes this movie will provide comfort and hope.

“No matter what painful thing you’re going through, have gone through, or will go through in the future, there are messages and things in this movie that can give you a sense of hope, a sense of peace, and a sense of optimism that you can get through it,” he shared.

Elliott Said a Support Group Helped Him While His Wife Was Facing Cancer

In an interview with Media Village, Elliott revealed this is the hardest project he’s ever done. His character is the leader of a support group focused on helping people navigate grief. He said that he found a support group while helping his wife’s cancer journey, and it was incredibly helpful to him.

“I joined a support group as a caregiver for my wife’s illness, way before this came across my desk,” he told Media Village. “I needed help… That’s when I first learned about anticipatory grief — your fear of ‘this could happen, and I could lose her.’ I wouldn’t have been able to deal with my own emotional struggles through the journey of her illness and my fears without knowing [about] that. My online group helped me.”

Elliott revealed in early April that his wife had been diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer. They’ve been open with friends and fans about their health journey. In an interview with People in August, he shared that his wife is doing well, but the journey has been tough.

“Right now, there’s no evidence of disease,” he told People. “We’re happy about that. We just want to keep that cancer critter away from her. It’s a lot of long nights.”

Elliott’s wife, Cami, will be going through another cancer surgery the week of Christmas, and Elliott has asked fans to continue to pray for them.

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Jo Jensen
Jo Jensen
5 months ago

This is one movie that really grabs at your heartstrings…Knowing what Brennen was and is going thru gives more meaning to the movie. Prayer is powerful and we saw this in ‘Peace’…thank you Hallmark for digging deep! I am going to recommend this to loved ones who have lost spouses and friends. God Bless and keep filming positive films. As we were watching this, I told my husband what Brennen had been going thru…prayer!

Mayda Tudela
Mayda Tudela
5 months ago

Personally, this movie has been one of my favorites, everyone, absolutely all of us have gone through or are going through mourning. After 8 years of losing my only brother, this has been the first Christmas I have enjoyed, therefore, this movie has softened my pain. Congratulations to the actors, writer and everyone who participated. Merry Christmas to all, those who are still here, and to those who from Heaven take care of us and protect us.

Cheryl Bryant
Cheryl Bryant
5 months ago

Even though my husband has been gone for 11 years, this movie spoke to my so very much. it gave me a new perspective. Support is so important! Thank you Brendon and Nikki for doing such a wonderful presentation and thank you Hallmark.

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