Candace Cameron Bure Speaks Out on Jodie Sweetin Replacing Her in Christmas Sequel

Christmas Under Wraps

Hallmark Christmas Under Wraps

On Friday, October 28, The Hallmark Channel aired an official sequel to Candace Cameron Bure’s hit Christmas movie, “Christmas Under Wraps.” The sequel was called “A Cozy Christmas Inn,” and featured Jodie Sweetin in the lead. Her character, Erika, fell in love Andy, played by David O’Donnell. Andy was the same character that Bure’s character fell in love with in the first 2014 movie. Bure commented about the whole thing in a recent social media post.

Bure Had a Lighthearted Comment About the Character Switch



Sweetin posted on Instagram about her new movie airing soon. In the movie, her character is dating Andy, whom Bure’s character Dr. Lauren Brunell had previously dated in the first movie.

In response to Sweetin’s post, Bure commented, “Tell Andy Dr. Brunel says Hi 😉.”

Sweetin replied, “@candacebure hahahaha…. I will! 😂.”

Lauren & Andy Broke Up Before the New Movie

Although Hallmark never advertised the movie as a sequel to Bure’s “Christmas Under Wraps,” the movie most definitely was. Before the movie aired, Hybrid Productions confirmed with Heavy that “A Cozy Christmas Inn” is the official sequel to “Christmas Under Wraps.”

In addition, the movie had many of the same characters, including Andy, Hattie the diner owner, and Andy’s dad who runs Holliday Shipping. Even Andy’s backstory of living in Seattle for a time, which was shared in the original movie, played a role in the sequel. Jodie’s character was a girlfriend Andy had back when he lived in Washington.

In the first movie, Bure’s character Lauren decided to stay in Garland, Alaska, running the Garland Hospital. She had even given up the chance at a big fellowship in Boston so she could date Andy. In the sequel, we were quickly told that she’s now gone. She moved to San Francisco for a big fellowship after deciding that life in a small-town wasn’t the right choice for her. Of course, that was great news for Sweetin’s character, who’s interested in seeing if there’s still a spark with her ex-boyfriend.

The first movie, “Christmas Under Wraps,” is still the “most watched Hallmark Christmas special ever,” according to Variety. The movie premiered in 2014 and had nearly six million viewers on its premiere night alone.

Back in mid-December, David O’Donnell (Andy) shared a video and other social media posts from Utah, likely while he was filming the movie. When he posted about being in Utah on December 9, one person replied, “How come you’re never in Hallmark Movies anymore? Watching Christmas Under Wraps again and you’re one of my favorites!❤️😍👏.” He wrote back, “patience my friend 😘.”

Meanwhile, Sweetin’s starring in two Christmas movies this season. “Merry Swissmas” is premiering on Lifetime on November 5, and Sweetin will be taking over Lifetime’s Instagram account to advertise the movie.

She’s starring in this movie opposite Tim Rozon.

The synopsis reads: “Alex has wonderful memories of Christmas with her best friend Beth, until Beth started dating Alex’s ex, Jesse. Because she has missed the last few Christmases with family due to her demanding job as an architect, Alex is excited to spend the holidays with her mother Caroline, who is opening an inn in Switzerland. Much to her dismay, she learns that Jesse and Beth are also visiting for the Inns’ opening. When Alex meets Liam, a single father and the manager of her mother’s inn, Liam attempts to show her all the Christmas traditions and culture of Switzerland and helps Alex open herself up to love and forgiveness this holiday season. Stars Jodie Sweetin, Tim Rozon, Mikaela Lily Davies, David Pinard, and Jane Wheeler (2022).”

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