LOOK: Fans Go Wild Over Carlos PenaVega’s Transformation

Carlos PenaVega

Getty Carlos PenaVega attends an event.

Hallmark heartthrob Carlos PenaVega just embraced a new look and fans seem to love it. Not only are fans responding well to the transformation the Big Time Rush musician just revealed, his wife Alexa PenaVega apparently is all for it too.

Here’s what you need to know:

Carlos PenaVega Went Platinum Blond

On October 5, Carlos shared a pair of photos on his Instagram page showing the new look. His caption consisted of just two emojis, a red heart along with a lightning bolt. The snapshots showed him outside a store, wearing gray shorts, a black T-shirt, flip-flops, and a backpack. He had his young daughter in a stroller and a bit of dark scruff on his face. What everybody paid the most attention to, however, was his new platinum-blond hair.

Carlos may not have included any context in his caption to explain the hair color change, but it appeared his fans did not need any. The color change left some of Carlos’ fans stunned, and a few people admitted they preferred his darker natural hair color. Others, however, seemed to love it and did not hold back in letting him know.

“The initial shock is wearing off and I gotta say…you’re absolutely rocking this,” commented one person, who added a fire emoji.

“This actually works on you,” added someone else.

“YOU DIDNT!!!! looks lowkey really good,” admitted another fan.

At least one person suggested Carlos now looked like a Latino Justin Bieber, and there was a Bad Bunny twin suggestion too. Some Hannah Montana references and 90s throwback teases popped up in the comments section here and there on the Hallmark star’s Instagram post as well. In addition, a couple of commenters thanked his wife Alexa or wondered how she convinced him to go with the platinum blond.

Alexa PenaVega Loves Her Husband’s Blond Hair

Alexa did not waste any time in letting her Instagram followers know how much she loved Carlos’ blond hair. She shared several photos of it on her Instagram page, and joked, “He loves Jesus and he’s hot?!?! Thank you Lord!!!! Love you cutie.” Alexa also added a hashtag that called him “My Forever Crush” as well as several heart emojis and a lightning bolt.

Plenty of Alexa’s fans admitted they would love to find someone just like Carlos and suggested she was a very lucky woman. The response to the blond hair was overwhelmingly positive on Alexa’s post, and nearly 55,000 “liked” the post in just a day to show their love for the look. A number of people relied simply on strings of emojis to demonstrate their adoration for Carlos’ fresh style. The fire emoji was used repeatedly, as were various heart emojis.

“Power couple goals,” suggested one fan.

“I’ve got to say….blonde looks good on Carlos” another added.

“Wow I almost didn’t know it was him I like it,” someone else noted.

“What more can you ask for in a man? LUCKY YOU ALEXA!!!” gushed a fourth supporter.

“I’m living for blonde, Jesus loving Carlos,” read another comment.