Hallmark Fans Swoon Over Throwback Photos From Tyler Hynes

Tyler Hynes

Heavy/Hallmark Hallmark star Tyler Hynes, in "Picture of Her"

Longtime Hallmark star Tyler Hynes just gave his legion of fans, who call themselves “Hynies,” a particularly swoon-worthy set of social media photos for “Tyler Tuesday” — a day each week when many of them upload favorite memories, photos and movie moments featuring the actor.

Always happy to play along, Hynes uploaded three throwback photos to Instagram on September 12, 2023, which he wrote were his “humble contribution” to the weekly fan holiday. The actor gave his fans lots to buzz about, taking them back to a time when he dyed his dark hair blonde, including two shirtless photos of himself having fun at a pool with friends.

Fans React to Photos of Tyler Hynes, Blond & Shirtless

Hynes — whose many Hallmark credits include the 2022 hit “Three Wise Men and a Baby” and his most recent movie, “A Picture of Her” co-starring Rhiannon Fish — shared three photos of himself with two of his longtime buddies, Toronto bar and restaurant owner Jonathan Condren and producer Max McFarlane, whom he called “one of my favourite people” on Instagram in December 2021.

In the first candid shot, the friends are seen holding their drinks while on a balcony or rooftop with a wide view of the city and sunset behind them. Most notable is Hynes’ blond hair in the pic, a look he  previously shared in March 2022 with an Instagram photo he said was from “a different time,” in which he was wearing the same shirt as in his latest upload.

Nevertheless, fans had lots to say about seeing him again with bleached hair, with multiple people saying they reminded him of a “Ken” doll, reminiscent of Ryan Gosling in “Barbie.”

One commented, “This is giving 100% I’m Just Ken vibes and i love it😂”

Another wrote, “love that blonde hair so sexy !!!!!!!!!! ‘Kenergie’ But I do love your dark hair though too .!!!!!! Your so hot!!!!!!☺️🥰😍🔥❤️🤍👌🙏”

What really got fans tongues’ wagging, though, were the two subsequent photos Hynes shared of himself jumping into a pool horizontally, including one in which he was sipping from his wine glass. The photos became instant additions to the “Tyler Hynes Shirtless” Instagram fan account.

Fellow Hallmark star and close friend Andrew Walker wrote on Hynes’ post, “That last shot, still elegantly sipping while horizontal flight 👏”

“Dang @tyler_hynes I always thought you were a SUPER man,” one fan commented. “thanks for the mid flight proof! 🤍🌹”

Another wrote, “Loving all the pictures, especially the one of your drinking and diving. You look good no matter,,what you wear, or the color hair.”

Some shared that they could barely handle the sexy shots, including one who quipped, “boy you tryna kill me” and another who added, “Lawd have mercy 😍”

Andrew Walker Says His Boys Think Tyler Hynes is ‘the Coolest’

Hynes manages his own social media accounts, he’s assured fans (though he prefers the term “enthusiasts”) and does his best to provide new fodder for Hynies on Instagram most weeks, from throwback photos to brief updates. He’s been known to cause a stir when he posts particularly heart-melting photos, like one in May of him holding one of the infants who appeared in “Three Wise Men and a Baby.”

One woman wrote, “You can’t post something this cute and not cause women to have heart palpitations 😂😍” and someone replied to her, “ikr!?! I think my pacemaker just quit working lol”

But playing along with those who love his work — and his looks — is one way Hynes is able to provide a little joy to those who’ve supported his career over the years. In a post earlier this month, which featured a shot by celebrity photographer Joshua Shultz along with pics of fan mail and gifts received at the Christmas Con event in July, Hynes said that he was humbled, as usual, by their outpouring of love for him.

He wrote, “I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been thinkin’ of ya, even if I’ve been quiet on here ;). Mom sends her best. As always it’s an emotional moment reading your words.”

Even Hynes’ colleagues say he has a swagger about him that can’t be beat. During an August podcast interview with Shultz, Andrew Walker — whose wife Cassandra Troy is Hynes’ cousin — said that even his young kids swoon when Hynes comes to visit, inadvertently letting Walker know he’s nowhere near as “cool” as his “Three Wise Men and a Baby” co-star.

“My kids remind me every time Tyler rides his Harley up to our house,” Walker laughed during the interview. “They’re like, ‘Ooh, cool cousin Tyler! Cousin Tyler’s here! Daddy, he’s so cool, he’s the coolest guy!’ They go outside, they’re all intrigued by his motorcycle, and he puts the helmet on them and stuff. Yeah, man, you guys are in a whole other category of cool.”

Shultz, who also rides a bike, replied, “I can’t compete with Tyler. Sometimes he gets of his motorcycle and I swear everything just going into slow motion. You know, his hair … I’m just like, ‘C’mon man, like, leave a little for the rest of us.'”

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olympia fitzgerald
olympia fitzgerald
5 days ago

I am so glad Tyler is back on Instagram. He is the most popular Hallmark star. He is so handsome, talented and gracious star. I love his sexy voice. His beard is the best of all the Hallmark stars. I love his hairstyle now. He always has a fabulous wardrobe. I always will watch It Was Always You with Erin Krakow. I wish they would make a sequel. I also loved his latest movie A Picture of Her with Rhiannon Fish. Their kissing scenes were the greatest. He makes those scenes so believable. I hope he keeps on doing this in his future Hallmark movies. I would also love to see him shirtless and in a bathing suit to show off his physique, You make all your fans so happy. I know your mother always reads your scripts and you listen to her and so far she has been right on the money. Your mother must be so proud of you I know I am. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. You were also voted most popular Hallmark star in 2023.