Hallmark Fans Flip Over Seeing ‘Three Wise Men’ Cast Back Together

Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell

Heavy/Hallmark Hallmark fan favorites Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell

Tyler Hynes sent Hallmark Channel fans into a frenzy over the weekend, posting a funny and mysterious Instagram video that he filmed while walking through a bustling Japanese restaurant and into a dimly-lit back room where his “Three Wise Men and a Baby” castmates, Andrew Walker and Paul Campbell, were sitting inexplicably shirtless at a table. While Campbell tries to keep from laughing, Walker is seen looking very seriously at Hynes — as if nothing is out of the ordinary — and telling him to “take a seat.”

Uploaded on March 18, 2023, the video also features a split-second appearance by actress Kimberley Sustad, who co-wrote and made a cameo in “Three Wise Men,” prompting many to speculate that the foursome is back together for a new project. Other fans zeroed in on seeing Walker and Campbell shirtless in the restaurant, begging Hynes to reveal whether he joined the party.

Fans Swoon Over Shirtless Video of Paul Campbell and Andrew Walker

Hynes, whose next Hallmark movie — “A Picture of Her” — premieres on March 25, created his own mystery by providing no details about where the actors were or why they were together in his Instagram video. Rather, his caption simply promoted Campbell’s new movie, “The Cases of Mystery Lane,” premiering on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on March 19.

Fans quickly flooded the post with comments, swooning over the shirtless actors, among those fans refer to as the “Hunks of Hallmark,” and begging Hynes for a video of him joining the fun, and laughing over the absurdity of the video.

“I support whatever is happening here,” one person wrote. “Very solid promo work.”

Another wrote, “What is this place and how do I not know about it?!? I am completely jealous of every person there!!”

“I think they misunderstood ‘topless bar,'” one joked, while another quipped, “And here we have ‘The Case of the Missing Shirts.'”

Someone commented, “I like, I like! Our three favourite guys with one hiding behind the camera. Come on out Tyler and join the fun.”

In his Instagram Stories, Hynes shared several reactions from fans, including one that asked, “I wanna know if Ty got shirtless too?!” Hynes replied, “…Let ur imagination take u wherever you wanna go.”

A woman who has an Instagram account for fans of Hynes created a mock cover of Vogue magazine with all three actors shirtless. She used images from Hynes’ video of Walker and Campbell, and added a shirtless photo of Hynes from a previous photoshoot, writing in the caption, “😊The three hottest guys on the planet!!🌏 They are there !!! No one can beat you!!💪”

Hynes shared that post in his Stories and wrote, “Bless you all.”

He also shared another fan’s post, which included a screenshot of Walker saying “‘Sup, Tyler” in the video alongside a past video of Hynes slowly taking off his jacket, hat, and beginning to remove his sweatshirt. Hynes wrote “haha” and added an applause emoji.

Fans Hope Tyler Hynes’ Video Hints at a New Movie With ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby’ Co-Stars

Three Wise Men and a Baby cast

Hallmark“Three Wise Men and a Baby” cast including Paul Campbell, Kimberley Sustad, Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes

In the Instagram reel, Hynes tagged Campbell and Walker as well as Sustad, who is seen very briefly in the video, standing and smiling in the doorway. Sustad and Campbell wrote “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” which was not only the most popular Hallmark Christmas movie in 2022, but became the most-watched movie of the year across all of cable TV.

Seeing the stars back together prompted many fans to wonder whether the video is evidence that they’re actively working on a new project.

One fan commented, “@tyler_hynes hoping this means y’all are working on another movie together .!!!!!!!☺️🤍❤️🙏”

Another wrote, “I see a new movie with the 3 brothers & The Mystery of the Missing Clothes !! 😂😂Love ❤️ you guys !! 😍😍😍”

“Are we getting the follow up to 3 Wise men by chance??? We can only hope,” another fan wrote.

Both Campbell and Sustad have revealed in recent interviews that they’re working together on two new movie scripts for Hallmark, and that everyone who worked on “Three Wise Men and a Baby” is up for doing another movie together — though it likely won’t be a sequel to the smash hit.

In December, Campbell told Wide Open Country, “The consensus was that a sequel would probably be a mistake only because it’s so difficult to rekindle that magic and tell a different story, but the same. We want to take the three of us — the three boys — and keep making different movies with the three boys. Reinvent ourselves every time. And so I think we can have a lot of fun.”

In a March 17 interview with TV Insider promoting “The Cases of Mystery Lane,” Campbell said that after last year’s success, he wants to make sure his next project with Hynes and Walker is “bigger and better.”

“So maybe involving half a dozen of the regular faces from Hallmark and just writing bigger and more complicated,” he said. “You don’t really want to take a step backwards and think smaller. Obviously we have to contend with (the fact that) the production size can only be so big, the budgets are only so big, but what can we do in the parameters of production constraints? How do we think big? How do we get bigger? That’s kind of where my brain lives.”

In a March 11 interview with TV Fanatic, Sustad said she and Campbell are developing a movie tentatively called “My Week in Wyoming,” which she compared to Billy Crystal’s 1991 hit comedy “City Slickers,” about three married men who go on a cattle drive across the Southwest.

“We’re also working on a Christmas movie that we’re writing, and I’m not allowed to say anything about that one,” she said, “but it’s also going to, I hope, blow the doors off as well.”