Why Hallmark Fans Are Losing It Over Tyler Hynes’ Latest Post

Tyler Hynes

Hallmark Tyler Hynes in Hallmark's "A Picture of Her"

Tyler Hynes has managed to melt the hearts of thousands of Hallmark fans with a single photo. The Hallmark heartthrob “broke the internet,” according to one swooning fan, by sharing a pic on May 18, 2023, of himself holding one of the babies that appeared in the network’s 2022 holiday hit with Andrew Walker and Paul Campbell, “Three Wise Men and a Baby.”

In the sweet photo, Hynes and the baby, dressed in striped footsie pajamas and a knit hat, are looking thoughtfully at each other, their noses just an inch or so apart. Hynes also posted a photo of himself alone, but it’s the one with a baby in his arms that’s generated the most attention, inspiring a bevy of funny responses from swooning fans.

Hynes, who starred most recently in “A Picture of Her,” is one of the only bachelors among the so-called “Hunks of Hallmark,” given that the majority of Hallmark’s leading men are married in real life. His biggest fans call themselves Hynies and show their appreciation for the star in lots of ways — from sharing social media pics and memes featuring him on “Tyler Tuesdays” to swooning over pics of the actor on an Instagram account called Tyler Hynes Shirtless.

Tyler Hynes’ Photo Generates Funny Comments from Swooning Fans

Hynies regularly swoon over photos and videos that Hynes posts of himself skateboarding, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his constant companion, a black Pomeranian named Rusty.

But the photo he posted with a baby in his arms generated thousands of reactions from fans, with several admitting they were “a mess” after seeing it. Many boldly commented on how sexy they thought Hynes looked in the photo. One wrote, “This is definitely next level Thirsty Thursday material 🥵🔥💥😉”

Another commented, “now that just may be the sexiest thirst trap I’ve ever seen you post and I love it!! 🤣🥰🫶🏻”

A mom driving carpool wrote, “Lord Tyler. I’m swooning over here in parent pick up! 😂😂😂😂😂 ❤️”

“I’m going to have to be picked up off the floor,” another fan wrote. “My heart just flatlined. 🫠”

And many fans loved when one woman quipped, “My ovaries can’t handle it 😍” which generated lots of comments from fans concurring with her, including one who wrote, “mine have not worked in yrs. (I’m old(er)🤣 But by golly, he is kicking them back into life!”

Other fans toned it down slightly, commenting on how sweet and cute the actor looked with a baby in his arms, with many saying he looked like “a natural” and noting what a good dad they thought he’d be.

“You are a natural and would make the absolute best dad ever @tyler_hynes 🤍,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “🔥 hot dad in the house. I bet you would be an amazing Dad.”

Hynes, who recently told TV Fanatic he prefers to call his fans “enthusiasts,” is well aware of the continual buzz about him. On May 9, he assured followers on Instagram that he is in charge of his own social media and sees their posts and comments, especially on Tyler Tuesdays.

Captioning a portrait drawn by a Hallmark fan who posts the renderings of her favorite stars, Hynes wrote, “I seem to be asked often if it’s just me who handles my social media. It certainly is :)”

He later added in the comment section, “I see all the lovely things you share every Tuesday.” 

Tyler Hynes Says Being Part of Hallmark Makes Him Feel ‘Tightly Connected’ With His ‘Enthusiasts’

Hynes told TV Fanatic that the enthusiasm of his “enthusiasts” has impacted his career “entirely,” noting that being a frequent actor on Hallmark Channel keeps him engaged with and “tightly connected” to the viewers and vice versa.

He said, “Because it’s this ongoing release of movies where I’m doing multiple a year and they’re being sort of trickled out throughout the year and I’m shooting them, and then several months later they’re coming out, there’s a sort of organic reactionary relationship that ends up emerging where you end up tightly connected to the people who are consuming what it is that you’re making.”

Hynes, who will attend fan convention Christmas Con in June with many of his fellow Hallmark colleagues, told What to Watch in June 2022 how special it is getting to meet some of his fans in person.

“It’s nothing short of spectacular and beautiful,” he said. “I don’t use the word ‘miracle’ very often but it almost feels like that a little bit because of how profound it is for the people who attend and how much it seems their lives are electrified by these experiences.”

Hynes continued, “None of it feels forced or manufactured or disingenuous or intrusive or anything. It is just such pure humanity. It’s just like such pure humanity is the best way I can describe it. I could do this all day, forever.”

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