Hallmark Quietly Returns Lori Loughlin to TV

Lori Loughlin

Hallmark Lori Loughlin

Hallmark is returning Lori Loughlin to TV in a limited fashion. The network had already brought some of her “Garage Sale Mysteries” movies back to its streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now. Now, a few movies have quietly appeared on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ television schedule for a Loughlin marathon. The event happens just a couple weeks before Great American Family premieres Loughlin’s first television romantic comedy since the college admissions scandal.

Four ‘Garage Sale Mysteries’ Are Scheduled to Air During a Marathon on January 8

It’s not clear how long it’s been since Loughlin’s movies have been on TV, but “Garage Sale Mysteries” is quietly coming back.

Hallmark Mysteries

Hallmark Movies & MysteriesHallmark Mysteries

According to the schedule on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ website, four “Garage Sale Mysteries” films starring Loughlin will be airing on January 8. None of these are new premieres — they are all encores of previously made movies.

Some fans are excited about the marathon. In one public Hallmark Facebook group, a fan excitedly shared the news and wrote “GOOD NEWS!!! Garage Sale Mysteries returns to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries starting Sun Jan 8 at 11a/10c with Garage Sale Mysteries back to back.”

Other fans replied with excitement. One person wrote, “This is great news!! I will watch every one all over again. I loved this series.”

Hallmark First Brought Lori Loughlin Back on Hallmark Movies Now

This seems to be a slow return of Lori Loughlin’s franchise to Hallmark’s networks. In July, Hallmark first added “Garage Sale Mysteries” back to its streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now.

On July 22, Hallmark Movies Now announced: “Stream the first three Garage Sale Mysteries now available on #HallmarkMoviesNow!” Hallmark didn’t make a public announcement to the press about it, but instead quietly added the series back to streaming only.

The first movies that Hallmark returned to its streaming service are the same first movies returning to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

In late September, Hallmark said it would be adding a new “Garage Sale” movie every Thursday to Hallmark Movies Now.

Loughlin Is Starring in a Great American Family Movie in January

Great American Winter – Preview – Great American FamilyMore about #GreatAmericanWinter: greatamericanfamily.com/ #GreatAmericanFamily on Social Media Like & Follow Great American Family on Facebook: facebook.com/GAfamilyTV/ Follow Great American Family on Twitter: twitter.com/GAfamilyTV Follow Great American Family on Instagram: instagram.com/gactv/ Follow Great American Family on YouTube: youtube.com/c/gac For the latest updates on Great American Family via email: greatamericanfamily.com/talk-to-us/ Find Great American Family on your…2022-12-21T19:16:17Z

When Loughlin’s college admissions scandal first broke, Hallmark had removed her projects from all its networks and even re-edited some episodes of “When Calls the Heart” to remove her scenes.

But Hallmark has previously said it has no interest in starting new projects with Loughlin.

When the TV network Great American Family first announced that Loughlin was joining the “When Hope Calls” spinoff, Crown Media made it clear that Loughlin wasn’t returning to Hallmark. The network hasn’t provided any updates since making those statements.

Loughlin is starring in a romantic comedy for Great American Family called “Fall Into Winter.” The movie premieres on January 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific. She’s starring opposite James Tupper.

GAF’s synopsis for the movie reads: “Life quickly changes for Kerry as she has to work alongside to her high school nemesis, Brooks, an old friend of her brother’s who unexpectedly buys into Kerry’s family-owned candy shop.”

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