Eric Mabius Headlining Return of This Popular Hallmark Series

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Fans have been waiting for word about Hallmark’s mystery series, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” After many fans had given up on the popular movie series ever returning, good news has finally surfaced.

Star Eric Mabius Says a New Movie Could Air as Early as October

Eric Mabius, who stars in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” shared with fans on Twitter that they have tentative approval to start filming as early as the end of July.

He wrote: “Psst. Lil’ bird might have mentioned that we may be a ‘tentative’ go for SSD 11 at the very end of July. With a hopeful goal of airing in October… Just sayin’. 😉”

Mabius is also supposed to be heading to Nashville in late July for a RomaDrama convention. A fan asked if his news meant that the Nashville event wasn’t happening anymore, and he said he hopes he can make both happen.

He later clarified that he will be at RomaDrama as long as the mandatory 14-day quarantine in Canada is lifted by July 30.

He later clarified his statement about Nashville’s event, writing: “It only comes down to Canada quarantine rules. I’m acting as if it is absolutely happening.”


He told a fan in the UK that he hoped they could figure out a way to do a live Zoom or Patreon streaming so UK fans could watch on the premiere date too.

He wrote: “I’m sure some tech proficient #POstables can Zoom stream it to you…there MIGHT even be a way to do it and Patreon Livestream ?!? Now THAT’s an idea. Miracles CAN happen.”


He Said He Wept Over the ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ Script

Mabius also shared that the new “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” script was so good, he wept when he read it.

A fan replied” “This is so exciting!!! Not that you wept, but that the script is so good.”


Kristin Booth, meanwhile, hasn’t shared as many details as Mabius. She simply wrote on Twitter: “Nothing new just yet!”

But Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe shared a few more details for fans on her Twitter account.

She wrote:” #POstables I miss you….but I feel like you won’t miss us for too much longer 🙃☺️ #fingerscrossed #thewaitisgettingshorter”


The series stars Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe, and Geoff Gustafson. But it’s been some time since we last saw a movie in the series. The last movie, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Altar,” aired in 2018, according to IMDb. The franchise originally aired as a TV series for one season. The first movie-format version aired in 2015, after 10 episodes aired in season 1 in 2014.

The series was created by Martha Williamson and is about four postal workers who also act as detectives, tracking down the recipients of overdue, undeliverable mail.

In 2019, Hallmark announced that a new movie would air in 2020 on Hallmark Drama, TV Series Finale announced. At the time, Williamson said she had sent the script to Hallmark.

Mabius then had mentioned in early March 2020 that they would be in production by June or July 2020. But at the time he said, “Don’t quote me, until we’re rolling cameras.”

The pandemic slowed down plans for the show’s return. Booth shared in May that they still planned to premiere the movie later in 2020 on Hallmark Drama.

In October, Mabius shared that it still might be a while before they shoot the movie.

But this time, things seem to be on surer footing and Mabius’ tweets are much more positive about the movie finally returning. What’s not clear at this time is if the movie is still going to air on Hallmark Drama.

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