Hallmark Star Will Be One of Featured Presenters at the Oscars

Hallmark at the Oscars

Heavy Hallmark at the Oscars

A Hallmark star is receiving a special honor at the Oscars on Sunday night, March 12. Andie MacDowell will be one of the presenters featured during the award ceremony.

Andie MacDowell Will Present an Award During the Ceremony

Andie MacDowell accepts The TimeLess Beauty Award

GettyAndie MacDowell accepts The TimeLess Beauty Award at the 8th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards Benefiting Helen Woodward Animal Center at Taglyan Complex on March 09, 2023.

MacDowell has received the special honor of being one of the presenters during the Academy Awards ceremony. She was one of the final 12 presenters announced on Thursday, GoldDerby reported.

She’ll be joining Halle Berry, Mindy Kaling, Eva Longoria, Pedro Pascal, John Travolta, Kate Hudson, Harrison Ford, Paul Dano, Cara Delevingne, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Due to the controversy last year when he slapped Chris Rock on stage, Will Smith won’t be continuing the tradition of the previous year’s lead actor presenting the new award to the lead actress recipient, LA Times reported. Due to this change, the Oscars needed to rethink how the awards will be presented in 2023.

Oscars co-producer Ricky Kirshner told LA Times: “We rethought the show and we put presenters together in ways that make sense for the category and you’ll see on Sunday night.”

Which category MacDowell will be presenting an award to, along with the other presenters, is not yet known as of the time of this article’s publication.

MacDowell Says She’s Very Comfortable With Her Gray Hair

In an interview with ET Online, MacDowell shared how much she’s been enjoying her gray hair. She said she stopped coloring it during the pandemic and really enjoys it now.

“It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while,” she told ET Online. “And I’m really comfortable with where I am right now in my life. I just want to embrace the time where I am and be as real and honest as I can, not only with everybody else but also with myself.”

She also has a wellness routine that includes staying active with activities like hiking and yoga, along with eating healthy and trying to get a good night’s sleep. She said she does allow herself indulgences, like chocolate.

MacDowell stars as Del Landry on Hallmark’s new series, “The Way Home.” The show was just renewed for a second season.

In an interview with Prevention, MacDowell said that portraying her younger self in 1999 was a little scary.

“That was a little scary because, you know, I’m an older woman,” she said. “And we did some stuff with makeup and I wear a wig and everything, and they use a hustle blend lens, which is a portrait lens that gives kind of a diffused, matte—it gave sort of a magical feeling.”

She said she also had to keep in mind how her body language would change through the years, and portray those changes in her younger self versus her older self.

Recently, a fashion line announced the return of an iconic item that reflected a piece MacDowell wore to the 1997 premiere of her movie “Michael.”

In addition, her movie “My Happy Ending” premiered in U.S. theaters on February 24. The film is about a Hollywood actress who goes into hiding while seeking a health treatment, and meets three unique women during her hospital stay.

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