Hallmark Star’s Wife Gave Birth While He Was Filming a New Movie

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While filming Hallmark’s movie “The Baker’s Son,” Brant Daugherty’s wife, Kim, went into labor. He said they decided he should take the job to provide for his family, knowing it was near his wife’s due date, since babies often arrive late. But in this case, his baby was born early.

His Son Was Born Early While He Was in Canada Filming ‘The Baker’s Son’

Daugherty said that missing his son Wilder’s birth was heartbreaking for him. He was in Canada filming “The Baker’s Son” when his wife, Kimberly, went into labor.

He told Access Hollywood: “The the movie ended two days after her due date, so we thought, OK I’ll take the film as a way of providing for my family. And hopefully, I’ll make it. Cause a lot of first babies come late… He came a little bit early so I, unfortunately, missed the birth… It was heartbreaking.”

He shared with Media Village that his wife was giving birth in Los Angeles while he was filming in Victoria, British Columbia.

We were about six weeks out of the due date when I got a call that they had [this] movie for me. … My wife and I talked it over and [decided] that I should do the movie. We were hoping that he would come a few days after his due date, so I’d make it back in time for the birth. I don’t want to say ‘unfortunately’ because I have an amazing son out of it, but he didn’t wait for me. I was in Victoria, B.C., filming while Kimberly was in Los Angeles giving birth a week early. I missed it… It was one of those things I had to make my peace with before leaving. We knew it was a possibility, but Kimberly had her family to help and take care of her, so I knew she was in good hands. It was a bummer, I’m not going to lie, and it was very hard to focus on set that day. I was on FaceTime with her every moment I wasn’t working.

He told Access Hollywood that he watched his wife give birth via Facetime.

“My sister-in-law did [FaceTime],” he shared. “So bless her heart. She held the camera up for an hour while it all happened.”

He Said His Wife Was in Labor While He Was Filming a Scene on the Dock

On Location – The Baker's Son – Hallmark ChannelGo behind the scenes for a closer look at "The Baker's Son" starring Eloise Mumford and Brant Daugherty. hallmarkchannel.com/the-bakers-son2021-05-21T01:23:50Z

In an interview with Hallmark, Daugherty said: “Today’s been good. Not exaggerating when I say maybe the craziest day of my entire life. My wife is in labor right now. So I check in on Zoom between takes as much as I can. Whenever I watch this movie I’m going to know that the day we did this scene on the dock, I was waiting for my son to be born.”

When live-tweeting during the movie, Daugherty pointed out to everyone the moment his wife was giving birth during one of his scenes.

He and his wife had some fun tweeting back-and-forth during the movie too.

She tweeted: “Matt’s hot when he’s angry baking. #TheBakersSon @brantdaugherty.” To which Daugherty replied: “You’re legally required to think so.”

She also made a pun about how their baby was just a “bun in the oven” while they were filming.

Kim is very supportive of Brant’s work, he shared on Twitter.

She also commented about the great chemistry that her husband and Eloise Mumford had in the movie.

They chose the name “Wilder David” is a tribute to Daugherty’s late father, who was also named David.

Now that his son is born, Daugherty revealed that he doesn’t have any free time.

He also revealed that his next project will be directing, not acting.

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