Where Was ‘Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

"Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up"

Hallmark "Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up"

The Hallmark Channel’s newest Countdown to Christmas movie, “Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up,” premieres on Saturday, November 25, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ellen Travolta, Melissa Peterman, Seth Morris, and Jennifer Aspen. This is a sequel to the first movie, “Haul Out the Holly,” which aired during the last Christmas season. Read on to learn all about the cast and where the movie was filmed.

‘Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up’ Was Filmed in Utah

"Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up"

Hallmark“Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up”

“Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up” was filmed in Utah, just like the first “Haul Out the Holly” movie. The Film.Utah.Gov website reported that the sequel was shot around the Cottonwood Heights neighborhood of Salt Lake County. A sneak peek of the movie was shared back in late July. According to TV Insider, production wrapped earlier in the year around May.

The Utah Background Acting Troupe posted a call for background actors for the sequel when they filmed on May 5 in the Cottonwood Heights area.

According to People, Wes Brown shared one of the trickiest aspects of shooting the first film: he almost broke his co-star.

“Because there is so much physical comedy, I injured Lacey at least 17 times,” Brown said. “And the worst part about it, every single one of them was on film. It was just, it was brutal. … There’s a scene where I’m putting on a jacket and my elbow went right to the mouth. We had to go through concussion protocol!”

Lacey Chabert shared her excitement about the movie on Instagram, writing: “Reuniting with this group of friends was so special. I can’t wait for you to see this joyful, hilarious movie. I was blessed to get to revisit this very special HOA ;) ❤️🎄 Double the Christmas cheer this year!”

Melissa Peterman, who stars as Pamela, shared that her favorite part of filming was actually a person.

Peterman wrote: “There are many people and reasons why making Haul Out The Holly and Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up was special, but working with Ellen Travolta is at the top. She’s in some of my favorite tv shows and movies of all time, she is hilarious, has impeccable comedic timing, can do it all and has done it all from sitcoms to Broadway. She’s a national treasure and I know she won’t see this because she doesn’t do social media but if you see her tell her she’s awesome and if you talk more the 5 seconds I guarantee she will make you laugh and make your day.”

She also shared this funny reel while getting her makeup done for the movie:


In another post, Peterman joked: “Pamela’s modeling career was brief and mostly in front of her garage. Thankfully she still brings that passion to her crafting and cookie competitions.”

Peterman also enjoyed attending Hallmarks’ Countdown to Christmas party with Chabert.

Peterman also shared a behind-the-scenes picture with Ellen Travolta: “An afternoon with Ellen makes everything better. #ellentravolta “

And Jennifer Aspen, who plays Jane, shared on Instagram: “Many of you have begged me to do a dance number for the Holidays. Well WAIT NO MORE!”

In another behind-the-scenes post, she wrote: “One week until this duo joins the #HOA”

She also shared a heartwarming reel about her co-stars.

Eliza Hayes Maher, who plays Jessica, wrote on Instagram: “When @melissapeterman tells you to stand against a wall & model with #ellentravolta you do what you’re told. (well there’s a sentence I never thought I’d be writing).”

Wes Brown, meanwhile, shared some funny posts, including one where he wrote: “This little teapot here. This man is a treasure. Can’t believe I’ve gotten to do not one, but now two comedies with Mr. Stephen Tobolowski. Actor, Director, Author, Yogi master and by far the best bee keeper I know! Now a great friend. If you loved him last year, you’re gonna love him even more this Saturday night in ‘Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up’
Love ya man!”

Meet the Cast

"Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up"

Hallmark“Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up”

Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

As the holidays approach, Emily and Jared are looking forward to celebrating the holidays together again, this time as a couple. Emily, now embracing Evergreen Lane’s uniquely festive spirit, is ready to work with Jared, Ned, Mary Louise and Pamela to make this year’s Christmas celebrations the best yet – even if being the HOA president’s girlfriend doesn’t stop those dreaded decorating citations. When a house on the block goes up for sale, it causes quite a stir with residents. When the soon-to-be neighbors turn out to be holiday royalty, it looks like this year’s competition is about to heat up. As the welcoming committee prepares for the new arrivals, only one thing is certain – this Christmas, Evergreen Lane is going to sleigh!

Lacey Chabert plays Emily. According to her bio, she’s well known for numerous roles, including “Party of Five,” “All My Children,” “Lost in Space,” and more. But of course, Hallmark fans know her for her myriad of movies, including the “Wedding Veil” series, the “All of My Heart” franchise, “Matchmaker Santa,” “Royal Christmas,” “Winter in Vail,” “Sweet Carolina,” “The Color of Rain,” and much more.

Wes Brown plays Jared. According to this bio, he grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he attended Louisiana State University after being born in Fort Worth, Texas. His major film debut was in “Glory Road,” a 2006 sports drama set in Southern Louisiana. He moved to Los Angeles shortly after, where he quickly found work. His credits include “True Blood,” “We Are Marshall,” “Beach Girls,” “Deception,” and of course, many Hallmark films like “Every Time a Bell Rings,” “Shadow on the Mesa,” “Over the Moon in Love,” and more.

Melissa Peterman returns as Pamela. According to her bio, since 2004 she’s served as the host of the Sing-A-Long Sound of Music event at the Hollywood Bowl. She also organizes the annual Holiday Sing-Along at Walt Disney Concert Hall. She’s well known for her comedy and improv performances. Peterman’s many credits include “Young Sheldon,” “Working Class,” “Retired at 35,” “Just Shoot Me,” “American Dad,” “40 Is the New Dead,” “Dirty Politics,” and more.

Stephen Tobolowsky is Ned. According to his bio, he’s acted in hundreds of roles in TV and movies across all genres. Tobolowsky starred with Rita Moreno as a series regular on Pop TV’s “One Day at a Time,” and his other credits include “Silicon Valley,” “Californication,” “The Goldbergs,” “Schooled,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Spaceballs,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Groundhog Day,” and much more.

Ellen Travolta returns as Mary Louise. According to her bio, she’s the oldest of six siblings and John Travolta is her youngest brother. She has numberous credits, including performing with Ethel Merman in the Broadway/National Company of Gypsy. She’s had numerous theater roles, and some of her TV roles included “Welcome Back Kotter,” “Joanie Loves Chachi,” “The Lvoe Boat,” and more. Before he passed away in 2017, Ellen and her husband Jack Bannon toured with “Love Letters.”

Also starring in the movie, according to Hallmark, are:

  • Seth Morris (Joe Johnson)
  • Jennifer Aspen (Jane Johnson)
  • Peter Jacobson (Albert)
  • Laura Wardle (Belinda)
  • Kenneth Cummins (Jimmy Johnson)
  • Eliza Hayes Maher (Jessica)
  • Carrie Morgan (Gail)
  • Walter Platz (Bob)
  • Lila Clark (Nicole)
  • Charlotte Kay Witt (Helen)

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