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In Merry Measure

Hallmark In Merry Measure

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “In Merry Measure,” premieres on Friday, November 11, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Patti Murin, Jennifer Robertson, and Brendan Penny. Read on to learn all about where “In Merry Measure” was filmed and the cast involved.

‘In Merry Measure’ Was Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia


As with many Christmas Hallmark movies, “In Merry Measure” was filmed around the Vancouver region in British Columbia, Canada. Jennifer Robertson shared a funny picture about encountering bears in the area during the filming period of the movie. Her post included a sign from Port Moody, B.C.

The movie was directed by Paula Elle, a Canadian director who has worked on movies such as “The Christmas Contest” with Candace Cameron Bure.

Russell Hainline wrote the screenplay.

He shared some photos from the set.

Actor Garfield Wilson shared this photo from the set.

The movie was filmed in August.

Meet the Cast of ‘In Merry Measure’


Hallmark’s movie synopsis reads:

Pop singer Darcy (Murin) is a one-hit wonder with dreams of rekindling her singing career. When her recently widowed sister Gretchen (Robertson) needs her, she returns to her Ohio hometown. While there, she learns that her niece Megan (newcomer, Cassidy Reichman) has been denied a spot on The Herald Angels, the high school caroling team that Darcy was once the star of. When Darcy learns that her old rival Adam (Penny) is now leading the award-winning team, Darcy enlists her niece to form a group of their own, and they recruit other talented singers who didn’t make the cut. The two teams agree to a sing-off – whoever wins will represent the school at the county’s annual Christmas Carol Competition. The two coaches’ styles couldn’t be more different. Adam, who feels has had to work hard for everything he got, holds his students to a high standard and avoids giving them false hope. Meanwhile Darcy sees herself in her students and prefers to view their shortcomings as an “opportunity for impressive growth.” Soon Darcy’s gentle approach helps her students to find their voices and they have a real possibility of winning the sing-off. With the competition approaching, the students realize they have a better chance of winning if they combine groups, which forces the competing coaches to put their differences aside and work together. Darcy and Adam’s relationship goes from rivalry, to friendship and soon, to something more. But an unexpected opportunity threatens to upend their newfound harmony.

Patti Murin, who plays Darcy, has performed on stage and in TV productions, according to her bio. Among Murin’s many Broadway performances is the role of Princess Anna in Disney’s “Frozen,” for which she originated the role. Murin co-starred with Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell in the 2020 Hallmark Channel film “Love on Iceland.” She has previously been seen in “Holiday for Heroes,” a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries production in which she starred opposite Melissa Claire Egan and Marc Blucas.

In an Instagram post, Murrin said that she found out that she was pregnant one week into shooting the movie!

According to People, she and her partner Colin Donnell are expecting a second baby girl.

She told People: “Obviously we would’ve been happy either way but I was really thrilled that it’s a girl. I have a sister and we are very, very, very close, so I love the idea of the two of them having that bond. Plus, there’s the whole Frozen thing which makes it extra special.”

She shared on Instagram: “Oops we did it again 🤷🏼‍♀️ Baby Girl Donnell, coming April 2023!”


She and her husband are releasing a joint album! According to Playbill, they came up with the idea during the Broadway closure and they recorded their own vocals in a home studio. Bruce Springsteen, Sara Bareilles, Jason Robert Brown, and more are among the artists represented on the album’s 12 tracks.

Jennifer Robertson, who plays Gretchen, is a performer and writer, according to her bio. Jocelyn Schitt, the character she played on “Schitt’s Creek,” won Emmy and Golden Globe awards. She has been nominated for numerous additional awards. She’s now starring in the Netflix sitcom “Ginny & Georgia.”

She posted a funny picture on Instagram, with the caption “I think it’s obvious why we were cast as sisters. Who else would pose like this for a photo? 😂”

Brendan Penny, who portrays Adam in the movie, is well-known for his role on Hallmark Channel’s “Chesapeake Shores.” According to his bio, he’s also appeared in “Beverly Hills Wedding,” “The Secret Ingredient,” “The Charm Bracelet” (for which Brendan was nominated for a 2021 Leo Award), and he co-starred in the “Vineyard” film series with Rachael Leigh Cook. Outside of Hallmark, he was Jennie Garth’s love interest in the “BH90210” reboot. Before that, he starred in all four seasons of the “Motive,” which was created by the same people behind the shows “Dexter” and “The Mentalist.”

His Instagram page really displays his love for the outdoors, from pictures of stray animals to his best friend’s action shots doing sports.

You can find more movies with Brendan listed on Hallmark Channel’s page here if you want to get your fix before the movie airs!

Also starring in the movie:

  • Cassidy Reichman (Megan)
  • Zoe Marie Welch (Hannah)
  • Chris Carson (Jason)
  • Pendo Muema (Sasha)
  • Jude Wilson (Freddy)
  • Garfield Wilson (Rick)
  • Micheal Querin (Dixon)
  • Kurt Long (Arnett)
  • Maria Herrera (Emcee)
  • Jaspriya Biring (Girl)
  • Kapila Rego (Mom)
  • Alexander Jones (Frank)

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