Is Carson Returning to When Calls the Heart? Clues in Paul Greene’s Posts

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Last season was the first season that Paul Greene’s character, Carson, was not part of “When Calls the Heart.” With the Hallmark series set to start filming its tenth season, fans are wondering if he’ll be returning. Greene’s last social media posts indirectly hint at the answer.

While the Cast Has Returned to Film Season 10, Greene Is Sharing Vacation Photos with His Family

The cast and crew of “When Calls the Heart” have been sharing photos from Canada showing that they’ve returned to the set. But based on his social media posts, it appears that Greene isn’t with them.

On July 31, he shared a photo tagged in Los Angeles, California. He told his followers that his older son, Olivier, had visited him, Kate Austin, and their son Austin.

Greene wrote, “Well this is heaven!!! big bro is home. @olioiler”

Followers and friends had lots of happy comments to share about the post. Stephanie Boyd wrote, “Oh how I love this photo. Ollie is a wonderful brother. I can see so much love here. My girls are 11 years apart and my oldest is so good with my youngest. She is very protective I can see Ollie being the same way with Austin. Two precious boys. 💙💙💙💙”

Franny Hamilton wrote, “Love the photo your sons are beautiful 😍.”

Greene also shared a photo of baby Austin and wrote: “Beach adventure time. #seashells big brother @olioiler visiting #sunset Book time and bed is next.” The photo was also tagged in Los Angeles.

So it looks like Greene is spending time with his family in Los Angeles, while other “When Calls the Heart” cast members have arrived in Canada to start filming for the new season.

Greene is also planning to attend the Christmas Con concert on August 5-7, according to his Instagram posts, which is taking place in Pasadena. He’ll be hosting a concert with Alicia Witt on August 6.

Attending Christmas Con isn’t enough by itself to indicate he won’t be part of “When Calls the Heart.” While Jack Wagner, who portrays Bill on the series, has posted about getting ready to film the tenth season, he’s also on the schedule to attend Christmas Con’s Saturday panel. It does not appear that anyone else from “When Calls the Heart” is attending the event.

Many ‘When Calls the Heart’ Stars Have Posted About Filming Season 10

Many “When Calls the Heart” stars have posted their excitement about filming the new season. Jack Wagner shared a special message with his fans.

Martin Cummins (Henry) posted about returning to the set and how he was already filming for the first day.

Andrea Brooks (Faith) posted about the heat wave they are having to shoot int eh middle of, but she still feels thankful to be back.

She wrote: “Even though we’re shooting in the middle of a massive heat wave, it feels so fabulous to be back in Hope Valley. Thankful for this crew, cast, network, and every single person who has helped us reach this milestone season.”

Johannah Newmarch is excited to be back as Molly.

Hyland Goodrich is returning as Little Jack. His account shared: “not to worry, he didn’t have to get up quite as early as his TV mama @erinkrakow. In fact, he had a nice sleep-in! When he woke up I told him he was going to work today (on a Monday of all days 😅), and he didn’t groan like the rest of us adults would. He exclaimed, ‘Yes!!! I get to go to work!’ and promptly popped out of bed.”

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth) revealed to fans just how early she has to get up for filming.

So while the rest of the cast is returning to Hope Valley, Greene’s Instagram shows no indication that he’s doing the same. This doesn’t mean he won’t film at a later date, but at the very least he doesn’t appear to be part of the early episodes.

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