Jack Wagner Reveals How He’s ‘Healing’ Nearly 2 Years After Son’s Death

Jack Wagner

Hallmark "When Calls The Heart" star Jack Wagner

After a devastating loss nearly two years ago, Hallmark star Jack Wagner, 64, says he’s learning to “let go” of what’s not important and focus on what is.

The former soap opera actor and singer, who’s played Bill Avery on all 11 seasons of “When Calls The Heart,” told People on April 24, 2024, that in his 60s, he’s wiser about where he puts his energy and is less “obsessed” with things he can’t control.

Jack Wagner Said One of His Favorite New Questions is ‘How Important Is It?’

Jack Wagner, Kevin McGarry

HallmarkJack Wagner and Kevin McGarry in season 11 of “When Calls The Heart”

Wagner and his ex-wife Kristina Wagner, his former “General Hospital” co-star, lost their son Harrison in June 2022, when he died of an accidental drug overdose at age 27.

In his honor, they founded the Harrison Wagner Scholarship Fund, designed to “help other young men get help for their addiction that would not otherwise be able to afford it.” All funds go to the Miracle House Foundation, a nonprofit sober living center in Los Angeles.

“We’ve helped countless young addicts who desperately need the treatment and recovery,” Wagner told People. “It’s about accountability and learning how to live life drug-free.”

The actor, who also shares son Peter with his ex-wife and has a daughter Kerry from a previous relationship, per Us Weekly, said that he’s he’s done a lot of inner work to grow more at ease with the things he can’t control.

“I can get into the present moment, center myself and to ask an old phrase, ‘How important is it?'” he told People. “Now I’m able to witness that and just sort of be the witness and be wise: ‘How can I witness this, slowly let it go and release it?'”

“I’m able to let go of things I used to attach to, obsess about and that disturbed me,” he continued. “And the things that I think our ego attaches to, we are able to put in proper perspective. That’s what age has given me.”

Faith & Spiritual Growth Have Been Important for Jack Wagner’s Healing, He Says

While telling People about his ability to “let go” easier now, he said, “That is what real personal and spiritual growth is about, in my opinion. That’s how we heal. I would call it healing. And that’s what the 60s has given me, to be able to heal what I was unconscious of.”

Leaning into his faith helps Wagner feel more at ease, too. When he attended the faith-based MovieGuide Awards in February, he told the outlet that faith “has been a big part of my life for years.”

Wagner said that’s one of the reasons he’s so proud of the work he’s done on Hallmark Channel.

“I think the world’s in great need of support and faith,” he told MovieGuide, “and some place that’s a safe place, really, to watch television and also be comfortable in your own home. I’ve been on the series ‘When Calls The Heart’ and doing a lot of family friendly movies now for 12 years or so. So, you know, this is sort of…my home and…where I feel really great about what I’m doing.”

“When Calls The Heart” airs Sunday nights on Hallmark Channel.

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