Jen Lilley Video Fuels Rumors About Where ‘Christmas Waltz’ Sequel Will Air

Getty Jen Lilley is working on a waltz-themed movie.

Jen Lilley recently posted a video about learning to waltz for an upcoming movie, and now rumors are swirling about whether her posts might be connected to the upcoming sequel to Hallmark’s “Christmas Waltz,” called “Paris Christmas Waltz.” As of the time of this article’s publication, it hadn’t been confirmed yet which network will be airing the sequel. Lilley hinted about filming in the same locations where the “Christmas Waltz” sequel is also being filmed. Here’s what we know so far.

Lilley Said the ‘Christmas Waltz’ Producers Were Overseeing Her New Movie, Which Will Be Filming in Paris

Jen Lilley posted a video on Instagram, sharing that she was learning to waltz for an upcoming movie. Great American Family’s official Instagram channel responded with “❤️💃🎬,” confirming that the movie she’s practicing for will be airing on Great American Media’s channel, not Hallmark’s.

Lilley said in her video: “It is very early over here where I live… Now it’s 5 in the morning, my children are still asleep, and I’m practicing the waltz… I have a movie coming up. I have to do the waltz.”

She said waltzing was no problem, until she learned that it was going to be a double-time dance. So now she’s practicing extra in preparation for her role.

At one point in the video, she explained the Michael and Janeen Damian were the producers and directors, and she was talking to them about her dance practice. The Damians are known to be producing the “Christmas Waltz” sequel.

She added: “I’m getting ready for a movie, for my Christmas movie, it’s a waltz…it’s a dance movie! It’s a really wonderful script. I’ll go to Paris for it, which is great.”

Michael Damian replied to her post with a few related emojis.

Damian reply on Instagram.

InstagramDamian reply on Instagram.

Lilley also confirmed with a fan that the movie she’s working on is for Great American Family.

Lilley reply on Instagram.

InstagramLilley reply on Instagram.

Lilley later shared an Instagram reel with more details.

Jen Lilley's Instagram reel

InstagramJen Lilley’s Instagram reel

She said she was leaving Saturday to film a new movie in Romania and Paris.

“I’m so excited,” Lilley shared. “… I’m leaving Saturday to film the movie, and I moved this month, like two weeks ago. And so my life’s been a little bit crazy.”

Michael and Janeen Damian will be helming the new “Christmas Waltz” sequel, according to Deadline. They signed a three-picture deal with MPCA that included a sequel, indicating the new movie wouldn’t necessarily be airing on the Hallmark network.

Some Fans Speculate the New Movie Might Be on Great American Family, But Networks Haven’t Confirmed the News Yet

As of the time of this article’s publication, there hasn’t been an official confirmation from any network about who will be airing the “Christmas Waltz” sequel. But we do know that Lilley is working on a waltz-themed movie that the Damians are leading, and it will be filming in Paris and Bulgaria.

On May 16, Michael Damian confirmed on Twitter that they were in pre-production for the sequel and were looking for filming locations.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw, known for sharing accurate behind-the-scenes information about Hallmark movie productions, is speculating that the “Christmas Waltz” sequel might air on Great American Family. The account noted that MPCA and the Damains have the rights to “Christmas Waltz” and can sell it to a different network.

However, some confusion arose when the casting notice for the sequel contained the Hallmark logo.

The casting notice shared that the sequel was going to be filming in Bulgaria and France, which is where Lilley said she would be going to film her Great American Family waltz-themed Chrsitmas movie. However, the casting notice also said that interested applicants could email them with “Hallmark Movie” in the subject line.

Lilley signed a two-year, non-exclusive contract with GAC Media in January 2022. The contract covers four movies, Deadline reported. When Heavy reached out to GAC Media about the news, they confirmed that Lilley’s contract was not exclusive (unlike McKellar’s) and she was free to make other movies with other networks.

Lilley isn’t the only Great American Family star filming a dance-themed movie for Christmas. Danica McKellar is starring in “Royal Christmas Ball,” which is her first dance movie and the first one that she’s helped write.

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