Jill Wagner & Her New Baby Had Complications After She Gave Birth

Jill Wagner

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In a recent Instagram post, Jill Wagner revealed that she and her baby both had complications after she gave birth. It was “the toughest 11 days of my life,” she shared. Now they’re both recovered and at home.

She Thanked Her Husband for His Support When Things Got So Rough

In an Instagram post, Wagner thanked her husband, David Lemanowicz, for how he supported her and their newborn baby when they both had complications after she gave birth to Daisy Roberta Lemanowicz on August 19.

Wagner revealed that she had complications after labor and Lemanowicz stayed strong, caring for their baby daughter while she couldn’t. But then their baby had complications too. She said it was the toughest 11 days of her life, but it was his strength that pulled them through.

She wrote a love letter to her husband on Instagram:

To say you are my hero is a vast understatement. There have been times where I have looked at you and thought ‘I couldn’t love this man more than I already do’. I was wrong. On August 19, 2021 you held my hand as we welcomed our sweet little Daisy Roberta Lemanowicz into this world. Neither one of us knowing the madness the hours following would hold. One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you always made me feel safe. I guess I never truly knew how very important that was until now.
When I had complications after labor I know it was scary for you. How did you hold it all in? You never broke. You were a rock. My rock. You made me feel safe, although my situation was not. I watched you care for our newest daughter during that time (while I could not ) and I know she also felt safe in daddy‘s arms.

To endure all of this was hard I know, but what came next was unimaginable for us both. Our little flower was having complications too. My heart fell into a million pieces as we tried to process what was happening. And just like that, you moved into action to make sure both of your girls were taken care of. It’s been the toughest 11 days of my life but it was your strength that pulled us all three out of it. As we bring home our beautiful healthy baby girl today I am reminded of how precious life truly is and the importance of having a strong devoted partner. Thank you for giving Daisy and I the strength, hope, love and determination we needed to get through this.

She said she asked God why this happened, and she believes the silver lining is a deeper connection with her husband.

She wrote: “I talk to God to try to reason with why all of this happened and I see that we were given a silver lining. As we head home to introduce Army Gray to her new little sister, I have a deeper renewed connection with you my love…and for that I am forever grateful.”

Friends & Fans Shared Their Congratulations & Well Wishes

In response to her post, friends and fans alike shared congratulations and well wishes to Wagner.

Lacey Chabert replied: “So glad you’re all ok. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Jessica Harmon wrote: “Love you guys. ❤️🙌 so glad you got through that.”

Misti Snow wrote, in part: “I’m soo grateful that in these difficult, hard and tough days that you saw what God was doing in your life and the love you have for David grew in ways only God could grow it, just as I’m sure his love for you did the same…. Tonight I’m thankful God heard our prayers and gave healing and love beyond measure… 💕”

Another person shared they were worried, because Wagner had posted on her Instagram story that she had been in a minor car wreck while she was in labor, but they were glad to hear she and her baby are doing well now.

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