Lacey Chabert Dedicates New Christmas Movie to Her Sister Who Died

Lacey Chabert

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Lacey Chabert shared on social media that she was dedicating her new Christmas movie, “Christmas at Castle Hart,” to her sister Wendy. Wendy died just before Thanksgiving and days before Chabert’s new movie premiered on The Hallmark Channel.

She Said a Character in the Movie Reminded Her of Her Sister

Chabert revealed that a character in the movie reminded her of her sister, Wendy. She said she wasn’t going to live tweet during the movie like she had planned and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to talk about the movie at all. But then she realized she had to talk about the movie because of how supportive her sister had always been of her work.

“Given the circumstances I won’t be able to live tweet,” she wrote. “I didn’t know if I’d be able to talk about it much at all, but after a lot of thought, it became clear to me. My sister was my biggest cheerleader and would want me to still celebrate my work. She’d be down right annoyed with me if I didn’t!”

Chabert hasn’t shared her sister’s cause of death. But when she first posted about her sister’s death, she said it was a “shocking loss” that “left us so broken hearted.” She requested prayers for her sister’s two sons.

In her post on Saturday, November 27, she shared that a character in her new movie — Margo — reminded her of her sister.

“In a strange twist of fate, one of the things that separates this Christmas movie from my other ones is that it actually features a beautiful relationship between two sisters,” she wrote. “While we were filming I thought about Wendy many times as the character of Margo reminded me so much of her… Wendy was the funny one. She was always the first one to have some outlandish plan that usually got us into a little bit of fun trouble and had us laughing so hard tears rolled down our cheeks. Margo reminded me of her and @alihardiman brings this character to life in the most perfect way!”

She went on to write about how much she appreciated all the cast and crew involved in the movie.

And then she wrote: “So tonight, I’d like to dedicate this movie to my sister and let it serve as a tribute to her beautiful life. If you watch, I hope it makes you laugh and brings you some Christmas cheer. I hope you’ll hug your loved ones tight as you enjoy the movie. Thank you for your continued support. My love to you all! ❤️”

Her friends and colleagues joined in to share their support.

Candace Cameron Bure replied, “Beautifully said Lacy ❤️. We are with you!” 

Jonathan Bennett wrote, “I love you and we can’t wait to watch.” 

Alicia Witt replied, “lacey, i’m sending you so much love – peace and healing to your broken heart. this is such a beautiful parallel. no coincidence ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

She Thanked Her Friends for the ‘Outpouring of Love’

In a previous Instagram post, shared on Thanksgiving day, Chabert thanked her friends and followers for their outpouring of love.

She then wrote, “There’s so much I want to share with you about my hilarious, generous, most kind-hearted sister Wendy and in time, I will. For today, on this Thanksgiving day, I give thanks for her beautiful life. I give thanks that we never ended a phone call without saying I love you and I give thanks that I will see her again.”

Melissa Joan Hart replied, sharing that Wendy had been one of her dearest friends.

Hart wrote: “She was my dearest friend when we moved to the city and have wonderful memories of singing showtunes and the soundtracks to Bodyguard and Robin Hood at the top of our lungs in your apartment. Of taking all you little siblings to the movies and around the city. Of hanging out backstage of the many Broadway theatres you all performed in.”

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Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis
1 month ago

lots of prayers to ur sister n she is in better place my girlfriend just died 9 months ago n it feels like she is still around!!!

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