Hallmark Star’s Post Fuels Speculation of Mystery Movie’s Return

A Hallmark mystery is returning.

Hallmark/Heavy A Hallmark mystery is returning.

A Hallmark star recently shared a social media post which may be quietly hinting at a mystery movie franchise’s return. Although Hallmark Media has not officially announced anything as of the time of this article’s publication, it looks like “Gilded Newport Mysteries” could be returning with a new film.

Danny Griffin Posted a Series of Photos, Including One With Ali Skovbye

Danny Griffin, Ali Skovbye, and Nathan Witte starred in the first movie in the franchise, “Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers,” which premiered in February.

Griffin’s new post included a series of photos that looked like they were from the same time period that “Gilded Newport Mysteries” takes place in. One of the photos included a picture of Skovbye and tagged her. And although not tagged, Witte appears to be in one of the photos too.

Griffin shared that they were shooting at the “X-Men mansion.” Skovbye simply replied with two heart emojis. She also shared two of the pictures in his series of photos on her Instagram Reel.

Krissy Ingvardsen was also tagged in one of the photos. Ingvardsen has worked in the makeup department for films like “A Kismet Christmas,” “Chesapeake Shores,” “A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery,” and “Christmas She Wrote,” according to IMDb.

The Stars Previously Said They’d Like to Make a Sequel

The stars shared that they would be on board for making a sequel, Decider reported.

“Oh my goodness, of course,” Skovbye told Decider about making a sequel. And Griffin added, “100%.”

“We had the absolute best time filming this together,” Skovbye added. “Danny is one of my favorite people ever and all we can hope for is that people love watching the show as much as we loved making the show.”

They also talked about how there was a bit of a love triangle going on with the movie.

“There’s a lovely relationship dynamic between us two because of course, we are friends and we go back a little way,” Griffin said.

“I will say this isn’t just a ‘business mystery,'” Skovbye told Decider. “There is a ton of romance. There’s a bit of a love triangle. There are definitely some sparks budding between Jesse and Emma. Between the love triangle and us, like, I think there’s just so many different directions and ways for this to go, and I think it really keeps everyone on their toes.”

In an interview with Digital Journal, Griffin shared: “There was something quite wonderful about being able to film something that was set in the 1895 time period. It was fun to be in those costumes and to have your hair done like that. It is just something new and different for me, and I really enjoyed it.”

The movies are based on a series of books by Alyssa Maxwell, called “The Gilded Newport Mysteries.” In an interview with Fresh Fiction, Maxwell said that she did a lot of research for her books.

“History provides the framework for the series, so a lot of research has gone into that,” she said. “Books, archived newspapers, the internet—I use whatever I can find. It’s especially helpful that we take yearly trips up to Newport, so I can refresh my memory about where things are and how they’re situated, and I always take lots of pictures.”

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