‘Shocking News’ Is Coming in the ‘Ride’ Season 1 Finale


Hallmark has released the trailer and description for the “Ride” season 1 finale and it teases some “shocking news” in store for the McMurray family.

Here’s what you need to know ahead of the season finale on May 28.

The Penultimate ‘Ride’ Episode Saw Valeria Reveal All of Her Secrets

In the penultimate episode of “Ride,” Valeria (Sara Garcia) dropped some major bombs when she revealed to the McMurrays that her real name is Estella Chavez and she grew up in Houston. Her mother died when Valeria was 16 years old and when her wealthy father remarried and planned to send her off to boarding school, she ran away and hitchhiked to the rodeo, which is where she met Austin (Marcus Rosner).

In true McMurray fashion, the family embraced her and told her they were glad she finally told the truth. She also refused to continue to be beholden to Tucker (Roger LeBlanc) and told him the McMurrays mean more to her than money does.

Missy (Tiera Skovbye) later spies Val’s mother’s necklace in Tucker’s safe, but before Missy can confront Val, Val goes on the run and it is revealed in a flashback that she stole the necklace back. She had hoped to pay off Austin’s debts. But she came clean to the McMurrays again about owing Tucker money and said she is tired of lying and running away.

But Cash (Beau Mirchoff) confronted Tucker about being the reason Austin died and he got caught on the pawn shop camera assaulting Tucker.

The ‘Ride’ Season 1 Finale is a ‘Race Against Time’ For the McMurray Family

Hallmark has released the description of the “Ride” season 1 finale and it sounds like it will be action packed.

“Cash’s day to compete at Cheyenne has arrived, only first he must get out of jail in ‘Andalusians,'” reads the press release.

It continues:

It’s the morning of Cheyenne! Winning the competition could lead to Cash securing the Frontier sponsorship and finally solving the ranch’s growing financial problems. Unfortunately, an altercation with Tucker Clarke has landed Cash in jail.

Still reeling from the secrets surrounding the night of Austin’s death and his own guilt, Cash is eager to get out of his cell and into the ring – renewing Isabel (Nancy Travis) and Missy’s fears of history repeating itself. It’s a race against time to save the ranch until one of the McMurrays receives shocking news that could tear the family apart for good.

Which member of the McMurray family could be the one who receives the shocking news? Hallmark has released two preview clips but they aren’t revealing much.

In the first clip, Cash is at the rodeo where they are “going back to basics” by picking their bulls out of a hat. He draws Hurricane, the bull Austin was riding when he was killed.

In the second preview clip, Val pleads with Cash that it’s not worth it, even to keep “the repo guy” from coming “for the whole ranch,” to which Cash says, “Wait, what repo guy?”

The tag teases that this season finale “will leave you breathless.”

“Ride” wraps up its first season on Sunday, May 28 at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on Hallmark. It has not yet been renewed for a second season, but it consistently places in the top 50 original cable telecasts on Sundays, according to Showbuzz Daily. Its average ratings for season 1 are just over 1 million viewers per episode, which is pretty strong for Hallmark, so we would be surprised if it is not renewed.

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