Ryan Paevey May Take Break from Acting: ‘I’m Weary’

Ryan Paevey may take a break from acting.

Hallmark/Heavy Ryan Paevey may take a break from acting.

In a series of posts on social media, Hallmark actor Ryan Paevey revealed that he will likely be taking a break from acting after having a difficult eight months. He said that at the moment, there are no Hallmark movies in his plans, though he would be interested in doing them again one day. But he also assured fans that he’s staying busy with a completely different type of business.

‘The Last 8 Months … Have Left a Pretty Bitter Taste in My Mouth,’ He Shared

Paevey revealed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he’s had a rough time over the last eight months in the filming industry. After fans asked about his next Hallmark film, he said there’s no word of one at the moment.

He shared with his followers: “Sadly no word of a film…i may take 2024 off from filming, unless the project is with friends. The last 8 months of life in this industry have left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth, and i need some time away from a world so full of fake friends and empty promises. I’m weary…”

He Would Still Like to Do a Movie for Hallmark

But when asked if fans should push for him to be cast in a Hallmark movie, he said that he would “happily” do another movie for the network and he thinks they know that.

He wrote: “I mean, I’d like to think the powers that be know I’d happily do another film if they wanted me to. But I don’t know anymore…so I’m just gonna do life, and make plans, and work…and whatever happens happens.”

He Assured Fans He’s Busy With His Jewelry Shop & Helping at a Restaurant

Paevey was quick to assure fans that he would be fine, noting that he’s surfing, working in his shop and helping at a restaurant.

“Oh it’s alright,” he wrote. “I had a great run. I like my simple life in my shop, helping little bro, and frequent surfs. I have much to be grateful for, I’ll figure out a way to stay afloat without acting income…who knows, maybe a film will come along. Insurance would be nice, haha.😬”

Paevey has been sharing on X that one of the things keeping him busy lately is helping his little brother at his restaurant.

“Helping little bro at his restaurant till he hires some more servers, and starting the next collection this week,” he shared on April 1. In fact, he said in another post, he’s been keeping very busy working during the day at Toshi’s restaurant and working on his shop at night.

Paevey also has a workshop where he makes jewelry and sells clothing. Demand has been increasing lately for his products.

Paevey’s business is called Fortunate Wanderer where he makes jewelry in his shop.

Paevey told Soaps in Depth about the business: “What started as braiding cord turned into braiding metals and researching stones and metals and how to combine them. I’ve got some crazy pieces sitting on my table now — and I’m pretty stoked about that!”

He shared that he once had a beautiful piece of quartz from a trip and he worked on it during a summer eclipse.

“Then, because it was done during the eclipse, I didn’t want to exchange it for money. I needed a better purpose for it,” he explained. After a regular customer told him that her mother had died, he knew the jewelry piece was meant for her.

“I let her know there was a little magic coming her way,” he shared.

The shop currently sells apparel, beads, cuffs, pendants, found silver and rings.

Paevey Also Warned Fans Against ‘Labor Shaming’

A few weeks ago on an Instagram live video, Paevey talked about how he was helping out at his friend’s restaurant, but the responses he got were mixed. Some people, he said, left messages that were shaming him for working in that industry. He said those assumptions are wrong.

“Labor shaming… For those that don’t know, acting is a really really hard business to make it in and a lot of people are suffering…” he said on his Instagram live video. “Me working at a restaurant, I’m helping my little brother out with a labor shortage that he’s got. I worked at restaurants for a million years before I ever ended up on TV. And honestly, it is the only reason I was able to end up on TV because it’s how a lot of us make a living… I’m doing this for free because he’s my family, and I don’t even keep the tips… I’m doing fine… ”

But, he added, things in the industry are tough right now and no one should be shamed for making a living, no matter what the job.

“There’s gonna be a lot of people whom you know from film and TV who may be delivering your groceries, waiting on your tables, or something like that…” he said. “These are people who are doing whatever it is that they can to keep their heads above water… And this judgment is not great guys… There’s nothing wrong with work, of any kind of work honestly… People are just trying to keep their heads above water…so maybe go easier on peeps. I’m trying to keep my head above water too by working my shop… There’s nothing wrong with making a living however you choose to do it.”

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