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To Catch a Spy

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is airing a new mystery movie on Sunday, June 20, called “To Catch a Spy.” The movie, which stars Nathalie Kelley, Colin Donnell, and Patti Murin, premieres at 9 p.m. Eastern, with encores airing throughout the month. See all the details on where the movie was filmed and the cast who brought the movie to life.

‘To Catch a Spy’ Was Filmed in Malta

According to a Hallmark interview, “How to Catch a Spy” was filmed on location in Malta. Kelley said it was a dream of hers to come to Malta.

“I studied ancient history in high school,” she said. “The Phoenicians are a race that fascinate me. On my very limited time off, I’ve been able to explore a little bit of the island and see some of the older structures. And wow. Just being somewhere surrounded by so much history is really a dream come true for me.”

Film New Europe reported that the movie was filmed on Malta’s sister island of Gozo, and helped the island’s economy after it had to shut down for COVID.

Kelley shared some photos on Instagram of some of the places she saw as she explored during her time off.

She said that visiting two of Malta’s megalithic temples was a dream come true for her. She wrote, in part: “Though we would consider this civilization ‘primitive’ and ‘pre-historic’ they were most certainly in touch with the natural world more than most of us ‘modern’ humans.”

Murin shared how much she missed Malta once filming was over.

Here’s another photo from Malta that Murin shared.

Filming wrapped on May 1.

The movie was originally called “Checking in for Murder” and is written by Rick Garman. On Facebook, he shared that it’s his first script for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and was three years in the making. Garman mentioned there was a chance this could become a regular series of mysteries.

He also wrote “You Had Me at Aloha,” which aired recently.

Meet the Cast

The synopsis reads: “A travel writer witnesses a murder at a hotel in Malta and becomes ensnared in a web of intrigue and espionage as she tries to find the killer before the killer finds her.”

Crown MediaNathalie Kelley

Nathalie Kelley is Chloe. Her credits include “The Baker and the Beauty” (Noa Hamilton), “In Like Flynn,” “Dynasty” (Cristal Flores), “The Vampire Diaries” (Sybil), “Cruel Intentions,” “UnREAL” (Grace), “Body of Proof” (Dani Alvarez), “Infiltrators,” and more.

Kelley shared on Instagram that during the pandemic, she moved out of Los Angeles and into the country and loves it. She said she even helped build the cat house in the photo above for her “Fritzi/Krishna.”

Crown MediaColin Donnell

Colin Donnell is Aaron. His credits include “Arrow” (Tommy/Green Arrow), “Love on Iceland,” “Chicago Med” (and “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Fire”) (Connor), “Almost Love,” “The Affair” (Scotty), “Love Is a Four-Letter Word,” “Pan Am” (Mike) and more.

He’s married to co-star Patti Murin. Her credits include “Love on Iceland,” “Holiday for Heroes,” “Chicago Med” (Nina Shore), “Chicago Fire,” “Royal Pains” (Ana/Ava), and “Before We Made It.”

Crown MediaPatti Murin

Patti Murin is Sara.

Murin and Donnell love “Jeopardy.” The two met when they co-starred in a musical together and were engaged in 2014.

They just celebrated their first Mother’s Day and will be celebrating their first Father’s Day with their baby on the day of their movie’s premiere.

Also in the cast are:

  • Davy Eduard King (Tom)
  • Jonathan Dunn (Patrick)
  • Becky Camilleri (Rianne)
  • Antonella Axisa (Bree)
  • Edward Thorpe (Peter)
  • Joe Azzopardi (Isaac)
  • Nikol Kollars (Fiona)
  • Gianni Selvaggi (Luke)
  • Sean Buhagiar (Elias)
  • Mikhail Basmadijan (Marcellino)
  • Clare Agius (Orsel)
  • Paul Portelli (Normand)
  • Erica Muscat (Marine 1)

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