Hallmark Star Reveals Daughter’s Hospitalization: ‘The Hits Just Keep Coming’

Woman in hospital bed

Pixabay A woman rests in a hospital bed.

A Hallmark entertainer has some fans feeling anxious after she revealed one of her children is navigating a medical issue of some kind. Tori Spelling is the mom of five children with her husband, Dean McDermott, and they range in age from five to 15. In this case, it is one of the couple’s oldest children who is currently struggling and needs the help of doctors.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tori Spelling’s Daughter Stella Was in the Hospital

In a brief Instagram story, Spelling shared a photo showing her daughter Stella, 14, in the hospital. “The hits just keep coming,” the Hallmark star added in text over the photo. The teen was in a hospital bed, wearing a gown and face mask, with a number of sensors placed on her chest. A hospital bracelet could be seen on one wrist as well. Spelling posted the photo late at night on January 11, and so far, she has not shared any additional updates. Spelling tagged her daughter in her Instagram story, but so far, the teen has not posted anything about her hospitalization. Spelling’s husband has not shared anything regarding Stella’s hospitalization on his Instagram page either.

People noted that the teen’s hospitalization is just one of several health issues the family has faced in recent weeks. In December, the “Family Plan” star shared a photo of her youngest child, 5-year-old son Beau, and revealed he had missed three weeks of school. “Finally got him well and back in school all last week and boom now sick again,” Spelling detailed at the time. She noted the little boy had been hit with high fevers, a stuffy nose, and vomiting, and she wondered if other parents were experiencing similar issues with their kids having back-to-back illnesses.

In addition, Spelling herself was hospitalized in December when she was having breathing troubles, detailed Us Weekly. She clapped back at fans who had assumed she was faking her illness at the time, and she noted she was experiencing low oxygen, high blood pressure, and excessive dizziness. Earlier in December, her sons Liam and Finn had also been sick.

Spelling’s Revelation Regarding Stella Prompted Both Support & Criticism

On top of the family’s numerous health issues, The Sun noted Spelling has still had both financial issues and rumors regarding her marriage swirling in recent months too. According to Hollywood Life, however, Spelling and McDermott’s marriage is back on a good track. An insider explained, “Tori and Dean are back to the loving couple that they once were and their children are thrilled. Seeing their mom and dad showing each other so much love has really made their family bond so much tighter.”

Having their marriage stronger again comes at a good time, considering the health issues Spelling and the kids have endured the past month or two. After Spelling’s social media post about Stella’s hospitalization, word spread across Twitter and prompted a mixed reaction from posters.

“PRAYING FOR YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOUR FAMILY!! PRAYERS GOING UP NOW,” tweeted one person, who included a lengthy string of praying hands emojis and star emojis.

“Tori Spelling abused her whole family with COVID. I have no sympathy for her. I do have sympathy for the children she was supposed to be protecting,” countered a critic of the Hallmark star.


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