Tyler Hynes Has Surprise Cameo in Andrew Walker’s ‘My Christmas Family Tree’

Tyler Hynes on It Was Always You

Crown Media Tyler Hynes on It Was Always You

Hallmark fans who were watching Andrew Walker’s new Christmas movie, “My Christmas Family Tree,” when it premiered on November 13 were surprised to see a cameo by another Hallmark actor. Tyler Hynes made a brief appearance on the movie.

Hynes Was an Employee at a Coffee Shop

Hynes played the role of an employee at a coffee shop during the first part of the movie. He was clean-shaven, which is a look that Hallmark fans aren’t used to since he had facial hair in his last movie, “Roadhouse Romance,” and “It Was Always You” with Erin Krakow.

However, Hynes has been clean-shaven in some of his Hallmark movies, like “It’s Christmas, Eve” with LeAnn Rimes and “Falling for You” with Taylor Cole.

Of course, Hynes fans were quick to take pictures of his surprise cameo and share the photos on social media.

One fan wrote, ” I’ll have one of those too!!… we need more of #TylerHynes #AndrewWalker movies together!!”

Here’s another photo that was shared.

People couldn’t stop talking about it. In one Twitter exchange a fan asked, “I missed it but apparently there was a @tyler_hynes cameo. Did you see it?” And another fan replied, “I did! Coffee shop!”

Here’s another photo shared by a fan.

Brenda Libby wrote, “Love this so much that @tyler_hynes made a cameo in #MyChristmasFamilyTree 😍♥️😍 Can’t wait to watch it later! @hallmarkchannel”

Some viewers were disappointed they missed the scene.

Jessie H tweeted, “I can’t believe I MISSED the @tyler_hynes cameo in #MyChristmasFamilyTree !!! Too busy tweeting lol! Good thing this movie is excellent, because I’ll have to catch the appearance on my next viewing!! @hallmarkchannel @AWALK35 @Aimeeteegarden.”

Another fan wrote, “the surprise @tyler_hynes cameo was already a huge bonus!”

One viewer wrote that seeing him and Walker together was a really great surprise.

Here’s another photo of that iconic moment.

Hynes Tweeted a Simple Message About His Cameo

Neither Hynes nor Walker gave away that the cameo was happening. Hynes simply tweeted live: “;) #mychristmasfamilytree @AWALK35”

Walker joked, “Don’t worry, I tipped him well.”

And Hynes replied, “We all watched that scene. I didn’t see a tip.”

Walker also tweeted:

“A dream come true, I finally got to be in a @tyler_hynes @hallmarkchannel film.😆”

Walker also shared a collage commemorating Hynes’ cameo on his Instagram Story.


Walker Is Married to Hynes’ Cousin

Walker and Hynes aren’t just good friends — they’re family. Hynes told My Devotional Thoughts in an interview that Walker is married to his cousin, Cassandra Troy. She runs a company called Clover Juice (later rebranded Little West.)

Hynes said: “I love working with the Hallmark family of actors. I’ve got Andrew Walker, who’s married to my cousin. Then I’ve got my buddy Marcus (Rosner) who is also loved in the Hallmark world. They’ve both given me pointers about how this Hallmark community works. And also Brennan Elliott, who is the Hallmark king from what I understand.”

Back in August, Walker and Hynes took a funny photo mimicking a scene that Hynes and Krakow had together in “It Was Always You.”

Walker shared the photo on Instagram and wrote, “It was always us… @erinkrakow
Just sitting here enjoying #the27hourday with @tyler_hynes my one and only viewing partner. @hallmarkchannel”

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