Fans Swoon Over Tyler Hynes’ Sneak Peeks From Hallmark Movie Set

Tyler Hynes

Hallmark Tyler Hynes in Hallmark's "A Picture of Her," premiering on March 25, 2023

Fans are swooning over recent social media posts by Hallmark Channel fan-favorite Tyler Hynes, who’s shared behind-the-scenes glimpses from the set of his upcoming movie with fellow Hallmark star Rhiannon Fish. “A Picture of Her” doesn’t premiere until March 25, 2023, so the heartthrob’s biggest fans — who call themselves Hynies — are thrilled for every little detail and image leaked about the upcoming release. Even his friend Paul Campbell, his co-star in last year’s smash hit “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” jumped into the fray.

Tyler Hynes Posts Pics & Video From Set of ‘A Picture of Her’

Hynes posted a dark, gritty video on February 3 from the film set, showing him slowly walking toward the camera, with the view going from blurry to focusing on Hynes looking forlorn in a black leather jacket. The short video was set to The Weeknd’s haunting song, “Wicked Games.” Rather than sharing any specific details, Hynes simply added the #PictureOfHer hashtag and an emoji of a wilting rose.

Fans were immediately smitten with his look, intrigued by his character’s apparent heartbreak, and curious if the clip signaled a gritty departure from the typical look of Hallmark films.

Another fan wrote, “MAN, do you know how to set a mood!! Is the movie really this solemn? Or is it your creative touch to intrigue us? Current mood? Every little thing you do is magic!”

Someone also commented, “Going to be so good, you can tell!! Looks a little different than other Hallmark movies, I think!! Excited for it, for sure!!”

Several days later, on February 7, he teased fans again. Aware that it was what his social media followers call #TylerTuesday, when they post pics of the Hallmark hunk in droves, Hynes uploaded several images taken by professional photographer Allison Foster that feature him walking down a gangway leading to a dock, dressed in the same leather jacket, with dark cuffed jeans and black boots.

In the caption, Hynes put the name of his character, Jake, along with the movie’s hashtag and wrote, “For your Tuesday” with a smiley face and another hashtag — #hynies4life.

“Be still my heart,” one fan wrote. “Way to make us all need cold showers and fans on this Tyler Tuesday.”

That post attracted over 12,000 likes and hundreds of comments from swooning fans — including a hilarious one from his buddy Campbell, who simply wrote, “Hunksauce.”

Hynes replied, “Closer to a ketchup” with a frowning emoji, and Campbell was quick to jokingly respond, “‘Cause you runnin’ and all the ladies tryna ketchup.”

Fans loved the exchange between the two, with one urging Campbell to trademark the nickname and others asking if they could order caseloads of the “hunksauce” Hynes is serving.

Rhiannon Fish Posted Pic of Her & Tyler Hynes Warming Up

Fish, Hynes’ co-star in “A Picture of Her,” posted her own behind-the-scenes photo on February 2, with a shot of her sitting on the floor and Hynes lying down, both trying to warm up next to a space heater.

In the caption, she wrote, “shooting spring in winter. cute.” Hynes replied, “In heater we trust.”

According to a press release from Hallmark about “A Picture of Her,” Fish plays the role of Beth, a young woman who works on her dad’s salmon boat that’s docked in a fishing village in the Pacific Northwest. While taking care of her aunt in Los Angeles, a fledgling photographer — played by Hynes — snaps her picture from afar at a farmers’ market, which lands on a magazine cover and goes viral.

During a chance meeting at a dog park, he realizes she’s the woman in the photo he took, but doesn’t tell her, even as their relationship evolves. When she hears through the grapevine that he’s been hiding his true identity, she leaves L.A. and returns to her dad’s fishing boat, feeling angry and hurt. Only her aunt, who realizes both Beth and Jake are smitten with each other, is able to help the photographer find her again.

After news broke of Hallmark’s plans to release five spring movies, beginning with “A Picture of Her,” Hynes shared one of the news articles on Instagram and cheered on his fellow Hallmark “family” members.

In addition to praising colleagues Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell, Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker for their upcoming movies, he wrote, “In the best of company :) All the warmth and appreciation for the lovely and talented (queen) miss @rhiannonmfish” and also thanked their producer, Elizabeth Missan Yost.