Where Was ‘Wedding Season’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

Wedding Season

Hallmark Wedding Season

The Hallmark Channel’s newest June Weddings 2023 movie, “Wedding Season,” premieres on Saturday, June 3, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Stephanie Bennett and Casey Deidrick. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and see some behind-the-scenes stories from the cast.

‘Wedding Season’ Was Filmed in the Vancouver, Canada, Region

Wedding Season

HallmarkWedding Season

Hallmark’s newest movie, “Wedding Season,” was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada — a filming location frequently used for Hallmark movies.

Benett told TV Fanatic about filming: “I knew some of them (the cast) since they were Vancouver actors, and I’m local to Vancouver, so I was lucky enough to have worked with and met several of them before,” she shared. “But then there were some I had never worked with or met, and we all got along really well. It felt like the casting was perfect because we were already friends on that first day, with all of us sitting together.”

Samatha Chase, the writer of the book that inspired the movie, posted a tweet recently, sharing her excitement about the movie.

Bennett also shared this photo with her co-stars, saying she couldn’t have asked for a better group to film with.

Bennett told TV Fanatic about working with Deidrick: “Casey’s a very talented actor. He’s a lot of fun. We definitely had a lot of laughs on set. He’s also very tall, so he’s 6’5, and I’m 5’3. We had a bunch of dancing scenes, so you can imagine I was staring up at him the entire time. He’s a great guy and fun to work with.”

Luisa d’Oliveira, who also stars in the movie and previously played Emori on “The 100,” shared a photo from filming. She wrote, “Very fun times with some very fun ladies and gents! You’re wonderful and good and hilarious and this has been a great time.”

Bennett replied, “So fun working with you, lady ❤️.”

Actor Nathanael Vass commented on the movie’s quick turnaround, writing, “Heckuva turnaround, Hallmark. It feels like we just finished shooting this! 2 Days til Wedding Season premieres…”

He also posted on April 21 when they wrapped filming.

He wrote, “This whole cast gelled so fast that we might actually be real-life friends now? I always wanted a big brother, so thanks for filling in Casey @caseydeidrick. Steph @stephaniedbennett you made an awesome best friend and Francesca @thehonestactor, my beautiful tv-wife, what would I have done on set without you?”

Francesca Bianchi, who also stars in the movie, wrote: “Maybe Hallmark movies aren’t your thing… but I can tell you, you will be missing out if that’s the only reason you don’t tune in to this movie. There was so much talent in this ensemble I was humbled every day on set.”

Meet the Cast

Wedding Season

HallmarkWedding Season

Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

Journalist Trish Peterson (Bennett) is on back-to-back bridesmaid duty for her three childhood best friends in a whirlwind wedding season. When her designated date is unable to join her, she pairs up with photographer Ryan, (Deidrick) the brother of her best friend, Sean (Nathanael Vass, “Inventing the Christmas Prince”). Ryan and Trish have a history with one another, so they act as each other’s plus one. Once paired up they realize the feelings they have held for each other since high school start to return. As Trish writes a magazine article from the perspective of how weddings impact friendships, she learns lessons from three very different couples who have been by her side through thick and thin. Everything appears to be going well when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises for Ryan, potentially separating him from Trish once again – and one couple starts to have doubts about their relationship. With everything at stake and emotions running high, the friends take a hard look at what their priorities are and realize that true love is worth fighting for.

Stephanie Bennett plays Trish. Her bio notes that she began her training in ballet at an early age, and was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2010, she started her training as an actor. She’s starred in a number of TV programs, some of which include “Travelers” on Netflix, “Shadowhunters” on Freeform, and “Project Blue Book” on History Channel. Additionally, he has played the lead role in the CBC series “21 Thunder” and “The Romeo Section.”

She actually got married last year, but celebrated her bachelorette with family and friends just recently and is having a second wedding soon. She posted multiple pictures celebrating the event.

She’s married to Sebastian Stewart.

She told TV Fanatic: “I’m getting married in a few weeks, so I understand how chaotic it can be. It was also a lot of fun, wedding planning and trying to find those little fun moments in the chaos.”

Casey Deidrick plays Ryan. According to his bio, he stars in the anthology “Into the Dark” that is available on Hulu, and he also appears in “A Very Merry Bridesmaid” on the Hallmark Channel. Prior to this, Deidrick starred as the male lead in the Blumhouse MTV series “Eye Candy” alongside Victoria Justice. His bio also mentions that he played the lead in the Lifetime pilot “A Midsummer Nightmare,” which aired but was not picked up for a series. In addition, Deidrick appeared in many episodes of “Teen Wolf” and is well known for creating the part of Chad DiMera on the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

Also starring in the movie, according to Hallmark’s press statement, are:

  • Luisa D’Oliveira (Michelle)
  • Francesca Bianchi (Laurel)
  • Natalie Sharp (June)
  • Drew Henderson (Rod)
  • Nathanael Vass (Sean)
  • Alex Barima (Peter)
  • Jill Morrison (Carrie)
  • Luke Camilleri (George)
  • Latonya Williams (Dani)
  • Enid -Raye Adams (Helen)
  • Alejandra Chavarria (Officiant)
  • Davin Tong (Kevin)

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