‘When Calls the Heart’ Set Photo Has Hidden Callout to Lucas & Elizabeth

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Peter DeLuise, a director for “When Calls the Heart,” recently shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the filming for season 9. The scene from the Hallmark series contained a secret hint about Lucas and Elizabeth that many fans might have missed.

A ‘Lunch Time’ Photo Shows Lucas’ Car In Front of Elizabeth’s Row House

DeLuise shared a photo on Twitter during filming that he titled simply “Lunch time at the Row Houses.” However, many fans missed the secret callout in the photo. Lucas’ car can be seen parked in front of Elizabeth’s row house.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for a photo of Lucas and Elizabeth together during season 9 filming, but so far that photo hasn’t been shared. However, this photo revealed that Elizabeth and Lucas’ romance is alive and well in season 9.

One fan wrote in reply: “No LucaBeth sighting but thanks for letting us simply imagine what’s in store for S9. Thanks Mr. DeLuise!”

Another fan tweeted: “Lucas at Elizabeth’s house for lunch! 👏😍👍 What a great present for the weekend!! 🎁Thank you @RealPDeLuise for this BTS photo.”

Another fan observed: “That is Lucas car at Elizabeth house. Can we please get a behind the scenes of Lucas and Elizabeth together.”

It’s been a running joke among fans that although Nathan was in Elizabeth’s row house on more than one occasion, Lucas hasn’t been seen inside yet.

One fan alluded to this, writing: “I spy a familiar car parked outside Elizabeth’s house. Has its owner made it inside yet??”

In fact, showrunner John Tinker talked about that fact during a live Facebook Q&A during season 8, addressing Lucas not having many scenes with Baby Jack and not being seen in Elizabeth’s home.

Some things … escaped my attention… Chris McNally and Erin Krakow brought it to my attention, for instance… They helped me realize, Lucas has never been in Erin’s row house. Perhaps appropriately. He’s simply a suitor and he’s not seeing [unintelligible.] But yes, in short, it [COVID-19] did limit us.

DeLuise also recently shared on Twitter that the show just finished filming its first block on August 9, marking 13 days of filming. Although it’s not clear from his tweet how many episodes are in the first block, he said that Siobhan Devine would be the director for the second block of episodes.

He Also Recently Shared Photos of Nathan & Lucas Behind-the-Scenes

On Instagram, DeLuise recently shared behind-the-scenes photos of Nathan and Lucas. You can see both photos in the Instagram post below.

As Heavy shared in an earlier story, he also revealed a behind-the-scenes photo from a scene Chris McNally was filming as Lucas.

In keeping with the Lucas theme, DeLuise also shared a photo of the first saloon menu scene of season 9.

The menu showed a selection of French cuisine options for the residents of Hope Valley.

He also revealed a photo of Laura and Elizabeth’s first scene together in season 9.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of Mike and Fiona.

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