Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Waltz’ Filmed? See Behind-the-Scenes Photos

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The Hallmark Channel is premiering a new Christmas movie on Saturday, November 28 called Christmas Waltz. Encores will then air throughout the season. The movie stars Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp. Where was Christmas Waltz filmed? It was filmed in several locations in Canada. Here’s what you need to know about filming, including behind-the-scenes photos and details about the cast.

‘Christmas Waltz’ Was Filmed in Canada, Including at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver

Christmas Waltz was filmed in Canada, including Vancouver, British Columbia, according to IMDb. Some of the dance scenes were filmed in a dance studio in Langley, BC. Filming began in early September.

Another filming location was in downtown Abbotsford.

Maple Ridge in Vancouver was another filming location, including the Arts Centre and Theatre (ACT), which has a stage and seating for 486, Fraser Valley News Network reported.

Chabert and Kemp told TV Insider that they filmed on the street in Vancouver at one point late at night, where they danced and some pedestrians outside saw them. “They had lots of opinions on what we were doing at the time, I seem to remember,” Kemp said.

Chabert and Kemp’s ballroom scene was filmed at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, TV Insider reported. The theater has been around since 1927 and was designated a National Historic Site in 1979.

Chabert told TV Insider: “We filmed at the Orpheum theater, which was just spectacular. Thinking of everyone that had performed there, I felt very honored that we had that opportunity. It was kind of emotional for me. I don’t mean to sound melodramatic, but once we finished the day, I just felt such a sense of accomplishment. I was so grateful for all of the support along the way.”

Chabert shared a video of a beautiful ballroom used during filming.

Chabert also revealed to TV Insider that she broke her toe just before filming. She said: “In quarantine—because we came to Canada, and then had to quarantine inside for two weeks before we could actually start rehearsals again—my toe caught on the wooden leg of the couch, and just snapped in two. I had no choice but to tape it up. The show must go on!”

And of course, many precautions were taken to keep everyone safe during filming, including wearing masks to protect against COVID-19.

Kemp shared this photo from Vancouver, sharing that September 8 was his first day back on set.

He shared this photo after Week 1, showing everyone wearing shields or masks between takes.

Chabert had a little Mean Girls fun at one point.

And here he is on November 2 doing ADR work for the movie.

Michael Damian of The Young and the Restless is the movie’s director. He and Janeen Damian also wrote the screenplay.

Jean-Marc Genereux is the dance choreographer and he shared some photos during filming too.

He shared this fun video too:

He also shared a funny video showing Kemp and Chabert absolutely exhausted after training with him.

They had a lot of fun together while training.

Kemp shared that the movie wrapped on September 27.

And he shared this photo with Chabert on their last day together.

Chabert shared this memory when filming wrapped:

Meet the Cast

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Lacey Chabert is Avery. Her recent movie Love Romance and Chocolate premiered, which was filmed in Belgium. She’s also the lead in Hallmark’s Crossword Mysteries and starred in last year’s Christmas in Rome. Chabert is a favorite in the Hallmark universe and she frequently stars in some of their best movies. Chabert’s feature film debut was Lost in Space in 1998. Her versatile resume includes Party of Five, All My Children, Baby Daddy, A Little Piece of Heaven, What if God Were the Sun?, Moonlight in Vermont, All of My Heart, Matchmaker Santa, A Royal Christmas, The Color of Rain, Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, Mean Girls, Daddy Day Care, The Brooke Ellison Story, and more. Her Hallmark movies include All of My Heart, Moonlight in Vermont, The Sweetest Christmas, Matchmaker Santa, My Secret Valentine, and more. Most recently, she starred in Hallmark’s Love on Safari. 

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Will Kemp is Roman. He and Chabert starred in Love, Romance, & Chocolate together, another delightful movie. He also starred in Hallmark’s Royal Matchmaker. He’s not just a talented actor, but also an accomplished dancer who joined The Royal Ballet Senior Associates and The Royal Ballet Upper School in England. He’s a principal dancer in Swan Lake, both on Broadway and West End. He’s also an accomplished choreographer. His acting credits include Van Helsing, Equus, Step Up 2, The Midnight Man, Slumber, The Secrets of Emily Blair, Unveiled, Christopher and His Kind, Peter and the Wolf, The Soldier’s Tale, HR, Kristin’s Christmas Past, Grace, The Great Fire, The Prisoner, 90210, Nikita, Reign, Code Black, and Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. So that makes him the perfect male lead for the ballroom scene in tonight’s movie.

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JT Church is Nicky. Church won Dancing with the Stars: Juniors in 2018.

Kemp and Chabert told TV Insider that Church’s performance was amazing. Kemp said: “The kids we performed with were just spectacular. I was blown away by JT Church… This is a very talented young man with an incredible future. I’m still out of breath, guys.”

Also starring are:

  • Katrina Reynolds (Molly)
  • Beatrice King (Darna)
  • Julia Hartnett (Elina)
  • Jeremy Guilbaut (David)
  • Laura Soltis (Evelyn)
  • Fred Henderson (Fergus)
  • Lane Edwards (Bob)
  • Tasha Simms (Nina)
  • Marco Soriano (Jimmy)
  • Naiah Cummins (Stage Manager)
  • Jacqueline Breakwell (Cake Designer)
  • Darren Dolyniski (Doctor)
  • Zika Trajkovic (Dance Partner)
  • Chris Cope (Frank)
  • Crissy Taylor (Cassie)

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