Fans Shaken By Chip Gaines’ Cryptic Tweet

Chip Gaines

Getty "Fixer Upper" star Chip Gaines in 2017

Chip Gaines is far too busy with his five kids, countless businesses, and a cable network to spend a whole lot of time on Twitter. And that’s precisely why fans were surprised to see a cryptic tweet from the former HGTV host, revealing that he was having a tough day.

Fans’ responses have ranged from concern to solidarity to requesting help with their own challenges. But so far, there’s no indication of what led to Gaines’ uncharacteristically somber tweet.

Gaines Quotes 1960s Song Lyric in Cryptic Tweet

After a week without adding any new content to his Twitter feed, Gaines published a tweet in the early evening on August 31, 2022, that simply said, “Momma said there’d be days like this..” and he added an emoji of a man smacking his forehead. The tweet caught fans by surprise since the “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home” host is known for being upbeat and goofy.

The words he shared are a line from the classic R&B song “Mama Said,” released by The Shirelles in April 1961. According to the Story of Song website, songwriters Luther Dixon and Willie Denson wrote “Mama Said” about recalling their mother’s advice when times were hard, especially when struggling to find true love — which Gaines certainly hasn’t had a problem with, given his much-admired marriage to wife Joanna Gaines. In 2017, Billboard ranked the song No. 44 on their list of the “100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time.”

Gaines, who joined Twitter in 2013 and has over a million followers, doesn’t write much new content for his feed, but he does often engage with fans on the platform, from encouraging fans going through challenges to answering fans’ amusing questions.

For instance, when Twitter user @JDLeeArt asked Gaines on August 28 for his thoughts on a scene from the 2022 movie “Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe” in which one of the characters fantasizes about his wife Joanna, Gaines quipped, “I can certainly say.. I don’t blame him. She FINE.”

Fans Respond to Gaines’ Lyrical Tweet

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Magnolia NetworkChip and Joanna Gaines

There were no indications on Gaines’ social media accounts of what might have caused the typically upbeat star to tweet about having a rough day on August 31. But his followers quickly noticed, with many offering their sympathy for whatever he was going through.

One fan who was also named Chip wrote, “Man I don’t know what’s up but at least you have a super cool name!!!! Seriously though I hope all is good!!”

Another follower replied, “Keep your head up Chip! You got this!” and added a GIF of Joanna pulling a traffic cone off of the goofy contractor’s head.

Someone also suggested, “Change the narrative, go get an ice cream.”

Other followers shared that they were having rough days, too, and could totally relate to his “Momma said there’d be days like this” tweet.

One of them responded, “Yes.. however, she didn’t say, there would be so many! Lol”

Another agreed, tweeting, “I’m feeling this!”

One woman wrote, “Wished I would have remembered that earlier in the day.”

Meanwhile, some followers shared details of their own hard times, asking Gaines for help. They included teachers sharing their Amazon lists for classroom supplies, a desperate mom hoping for new tires for her car, and even someone who was bummed she couldn’t get a reservation at the Gaines’ Magnolia Table restaurant for the next weekend.

Hopefully, when things are looking up again, Gaines will return to Twitter to let his followers know what inspired the odd tweet and that all is well.

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Terry Lisotta
Terry Lisotta
4 months ago

We fast fwd when ever he is on screen with his idiotic skits

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