Dave Marrs Takes a Break From Filming ‘Fixer to Fabulous’

Dave Marrs

HGTV / YouTube Dave Marrs

HGTV stars Dave and Jenny Marrs are in the midst of filming the fifth season of their hit show “Fixer to Fabulous” before it premieres on Tuesday, November 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

While the married couple are hard at work on new episodes, filming can be tiring, requiring long days on job sites. In an October 28 Instagram post, Dave took fans behind the scenes of one of these long days and gave a look at what he does when he’s not needed on camera.

“I got a little break while Jenny was filming yesterday. Perfect chance to hang with the puppies!” Dave captioned the post, which featured a photo of him lying in the grass with three of the Marrs family dogs around him.

The Marrs Family Has 5 Dogs

Fans found Dave Marrs’ post adorable and took to the comment section to let him know.

“So sweet. Nice to have a little downtime” one fan commented.

“Well, they obviously loved hanging with you too, 😀” another user added.

“We love Dolly and Dora! And Banana, too!!!❤️❤️❤️” a third fan wrote, referring to the dogs in the picture.

Dave and Jenny introduced viewers to all of their animals in a November 2021 video on the HGTV Facebook page. While their family farm has grown in the two years since, at the time listed Jenny and Dave listed off “11 sheep, one alpaca, one llama, one donkey, four dogs, a cat, two bunnies, eight chickens, and eight cows”.

The couple then introduced their dogs, describing their black dog Dora as “the matriarch of our family” and “grandma”, having been with them longest. Next, they brought viewers over to meet Dolly, who they mentioned is nearly deaf and gets along well with their cat Ellie. After that, the couple showed off sheepdogs Belle and Jack, who they referred to as “protectors”.

The Marrs family then got a fifth dog, Banana (who is pictured in Dave’s most recent post) after this video was filmed for HGTV. As Jenny shared in an October 5, 2023 Instagram post, Banana had joined their family two years prior. In her caption, Jenny wrote that the name Banana came as an homage to her late dog Chiquita, of whom Banana reminded her.

Dave Marrs is in His Happy Place

Although he is excited for “Fixer to Fabulous” to return to screens later this month, Dave Marrs took a moment to slow down and appreciate a quiet moment at home. He shared a video of his first bonfire of the Fall season in an October 30 Instagram post. “Fall, fires, cold weather. I’m in my happy place! Anyone else with me?” he wrote in the caption, and added on the video, “I don’t know why, but the first fire of the year makes me so happy!”

Fans related to Dave’s love for a bonfire, with one user commenting, “The seasons first fire must be a reason for the family to gather. The cats pick their favorite basket, the dogs (in my case Labs) squeeze in to be close to their person. Turn the lights down low and enjoy the glow from the fire. Just cuddle and feel the warmth in your bones. You will sleep well tonight.🔥”

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