Drew & Jonathan Scott Reveal Which Twin is ‘More Annoying’

Drew & Jonathan Scott

HGTV / YouTube Drew & Jonathan Scott

HGTV’s Drew and Jonathan Scott know better than anybody that being a twin has its own unique advantages and challenges. While it is nice to have such a close bond with your sibling, it can be difficult for twins who are often compared to each other.

This week, the “Property Brothers” stars turned this challenge into a fun video, comparing themselves for fun in a new video from Instagram where they took on the classic TikTok challenge where pairs of people answer “Most Likely To…” questions about themselves. For the brothers’ challenge, they answered either “Drew” or “Jonathan”.

See the video below.

Drew & Jonathan Scott Play ‘Most Likely To…’

Jonathan Scott captioned the “Property Brothers” “Most Likely To…” video, writing “Verified
It’s okay @mrdrewscott, I’ll let you win on some of these… 🤣” and fans loved the video.

During the challenge, the brothers decided that Drew was the more competitive and more annoying brother, but that he had better style and better dance ability, which one fan attributed to his time on “Dancing With the Stars” season 25, writing “Who is the better dancer is obvious. Cause you were on DWTS. 😁” While Drew made it all the way to the two-night finale, being eliminated night one if fourth place, Jonathan supported his brother throughout the competition, even appearing in his week four jive.

The brothers also decided that Jonathan took more time to get ready (though Drew had to change Jonathan’s answer to himself), but they were split on which twin was messier (each saying the other brother), and which twin had better design taste (each saying themselves).

While the twins weren’t on the same page for every answer, fans loved the video and were able to connect with the brothers, with one fan writing, “I have a lot of fun with you. I identified a lot because I have a twin sister as well.”

Jonathan Scott Got Into More Trouble Than Drew as a Child

The final question the “Property Brothers” answered in their video was “Who got in more trouble growing up?”, and both brothers knew the answer right away, pointing to Jonathan as the biggest troublemaker.

This comes as no surprise, as the twins have spoken before about their childhood, and Jonathan has admitted on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” that he used to dress up as Drew in high school to embarrass his brother in front of girls.

In 2017, the Scott brothers spoke with Today to share some other little-known facts about their relationship and growing up as twins.

Although the brothers agree in their latest Instagram video that Drew has better style, they say it hasn’t always been the case, as their parents would always buy them the same clothes in different colors. Drew still joked about their similar styles, saying “So that’s why I’m actually more the fashionista.”

The two also say that their parents didn’t know the two brothers were twins until their mother Joanne was already in labor and about to have a second baby.

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