Fans Cracking Up Over Video of Drew Scott’s Son Parker

Linda Phan and Drew Scott

HGTV / YouTube Linda Phan and Drew Scott

HGTV’s “Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are always trying to make fans laugh on social media with their comical behind-the-scenes videos. Now, in a November 2 Instagram post, it looks like Drew’s son Parker stole the show.

Drew’s post features a video of him and his wife Linda Phan both attempting to make their 18-month-old son laugh. The video includes a “laugh-o-meter” filter that tracks the volume of Parker’s laugh throughout the clips. Drew and Linda each tried juggling oranges for Parker to no avail. In another clip, Linda batted around a ball, keeping it up in the air with her hands.

While each parent was able to get baby Parker giggling, Linda clearly got the biggest laughs. Drew pointed this out in his caption, where he wrote, “First off…A baby’s laugh always melts my heart. Secondly…why does Linda always get more of it 🤣.”

Fans Are Delighted By Drew Scott’s Video

Many users connected with Drew’s latest video, which amassed over 13,000 likes within five days of posting. Fans joined Parker and his parents in a good laugh, letting Drew know their thoughts on his post in the comment section.

“Nothing better than a babies laugh ❤️ ❤️” one user commented.

“😍 😂 😂 😂 so true. Melts your stress and tiredness away” another fan added.

“First it’s called being a Mom @mrdrewscott and Second whenever you get a laugh out of Parker be happy and grateful. ❤️ 😂” a third fan wrote, replying directly to the caption.

“Aww so cute 🥰 love it Drew and love Linda, Parker is so adorable 🥰” a fourth user shared.

Parker turned one in May 2023, and at the time both of his parents took to social media to celebrate. On May 4, Drew shared a montage of video clips with the caption “I can’t believe our little guy is already 1 year old! Happy birthday Parky ❤️”. Drew’s video was set to Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”, and included clips of Parker as a newborn and as a fully-fledged 1-year-old learning to crawl.

Linda shared her own post on May 5 which featured a simple slideshow of photos. “the most wonder filled trip/around the sun/grateful that I get to do this/with my favorite ones 🥰 happy anniversary to my love & happy birthday to our little Parkypoo ☀️” Linda captioned her post.

Parker’s May 4 birthday comes just eight days ahead of his parents’ May 12 anniversary, so Drew and Linda celebrated both occasions at the same time.

‘Property Brothers’ Shares Humorous Worksite Video

Drew went for some laughs of his own in a November 6 video with his twin brother Jonathan. The video opens with the caption “Me: ‘I promise I won’t forget my tools this time.’ Also me:”. Then Drew, having forgotten his tools, steals Jonathan’s equipment right off of his toolbelt.

An edit of Britney Spears’ “Oops!…I Did It Again” underscores the video. The word “Oops!” is repeated over and over, and each time it is sung Drew steals another tool from his brother. By the final “Oops!”, Drew snatched the entire belt off of his brother’s waist.

Fans found the video hilarious, with Jasmine Roth commenting “Hahahaha”, and multiple fans writing, “😂 😂 😂 😂”.

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