Drew Scott Responds to Erin Napier’s ‘Mad Mad Mad’ Baby Post

Drew Scott Radio Interview

Getty HGTV "Property Brothers" star Drew Scott is interviewed at New York radio station Z100.

New dad Drew Scott got a kick out of fellow HGTV host Erin Napier’s recent baby drama — and he let her know it!

On June 28, 2022 Napier shared a photo on Instagram of her daughter Mae, sprawled out and face down on the floor, and wrote, “When you’re one and you can walk but you just don’t feel like it and you’re mad mad mad and MAMA CAN YOU JUST CARRY ME ALREADY.”


Scott, co-host of the hit HGTV show “Property Brothers,” must have found the post both funny and endearing; he commented on it with a laughing emoji and two red hearts. He may also be relieved he’s not chasing a mobile, moody toddler quite yet. He became a first-time dad to Parker James mere weeks ago, on May 12.

This isn’t the first time Scott has commented on one of Napier’s Instagram posts, though. He’s been especially supportive of and amused by the “Home Town” star’s peeks into life as a parent, even before becoming a dad himself. When Napier posted about the arrival of baby Mae on May 28, 2021, Scott wrote, “Sooo happy for you” followed by four red hearts.

In December 2021, Scott chimed in after Napier posted a photo of a new keepsake: a simple sheet of paper on which her young daughter Helen had practiced writing names of the people — and animals — in her family. In the caption, Napier wrote, “In a few weeks she’ll be four and she’s writing and spelling and I’m crying because it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.” Scott commented, “I love how she’s practicing you and Ben’s names. Forging her way at 4.”


Scott Thinks Erin & Ben Napier Are the ‘Most Beloved Hosts’ on HGTV


Scott is well aware he’s not the only person who loves and follows the Napiers’ adventures, from renovating to parenting. In June 2021, the Napiers appeared on an episode of the “At Home” podcast Scott co-hosts with his wife Linda, who gushed about the couple and their two girls. “They’re so adorable, all of them,” she said. “I just want to cuddle all of them!”

Scott told the Napiers, “I truly believe, I think, you’re the most beloved hosts of HGTV.”

He may be right; in an April 2022 press release, HGTV revealed that “Home Town” was the second most-watched cable TV show in the U.S., with 13 more new episodes slated to air in 2022 and into 2023. However, the Scott brothers could also claim the “most beloved” title, given the number of “Property Brothers” spin-off shows, licensing deals and social media followers they’ve amassed (they have 2.5 times more Instagram followers than the Napiers, for example).


“Home Town” May Have Never Happened Without an Instagram Post About the “Property Brothers”


During their interview on the “At Home” podcast, the Napiers shared how they got their start in TV — and excitedly remembered that the “Property Brothers” played a role in the story. The couple recalled being featured in a 2014 issue of “Southern Weddings” magazine, primarily because Erin was making her living at the time as a wedding stationery designer. In addition to her designs, the article featured many photos of their charming home in Laurel, Mississippi. It caught the eye of HGTV programming executive Lindsey Weidhorn, who followed Erin on Instagram. Erin followed her back, thinking that the TV producer might be interested in ordering some stationery.

“She posted that she was watching a rough cut of your show,” Erin told Scott during the podcast. Already a fan of “Property Brothers,” she commented on Weidhorn’s post, exclaiming that she had a really cool job. To the Napiers’ surprise, the producer said she was glad Erin had reached out and asked if they could connect via email. Soon, they were in discussions about a possible TV show and flying to New York for meetings.

“If she had not posted about editing your rough cut, I would not have left a comment,” Erin told Scott. “If I had not left the comment, she would not have said ’email me.’ We never would have had a conversation about the show!”

Scott was not surprised that the Napiers impressed the executives and have since become household names. “What you do with your shows is just so opening and welcoming and inspiring for people,” he said. “Your designs and all your craftsmanship are just surrounded in love, and that’s why I think your shows are … addicting.”

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