Egypt Sherrod Gives Health Update as 4-Year-Old Daughter Undergoes Surgery

Egypt Sherrod

HGTV / YouTube Egypt Sherrod

“Today we are blessed.”

HGTV star Egypt Sherrod shared an update with fans in an October 5 Instagram post as she and her husband/”Married to Real Estate” co-host Mike Jackson’s 4-year-old daughter Harper underwent surgery.

“Harper has been having trouble breathing at night and Mike and I have been taking turns holding her while sleeping in a chair so she can be upright and get air. It’s been going on for 3 months,” Sherrod explained in her post’s caption, “Finally today was her adenoids removal surgery and I am so proud of my baby. She was brave and although nervous, never freaked out. All is well and she is home with me resting. But today my 4 year old is my SHERO! Go Harper Bean.”

Fans Send Harper Well Wishes as She Recovers

Fans and friends alike left positive messages for Harper in her mother’s comment section, with fellow HGTV star Mika Kleinschmidt commenting, “❤️ Sending love and prayers to Harper”.

“God bless you Harper 🙌 🙌 🙌 big girl things” Kenya Moore of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” wrote, while her former RHOA co-star Cynthia Bailey added, “🙏🏽 ❤️ 🙏🏽”.

“Prayers for a speedy recovery for beautiful Harper and good sleep for Mommy and Daddy. ❤️” one fan commented.

“Love and blessings to you guys, my son had his removed when he was 3 and it was a life saver, his doctor said that he didn’t understand how he was breathing at night that’s how bad his was 😮 i pray for a sturdy recovery for baby girl and be mindful that during her healing journey she will experience bad breath,” another fan commented, sharing an adenoid story of their own.

“Loving parents is priceless ( trust the love parents have with their children is a beautiful bond) 😍 Her bravery was in knowing #MommyandDaddy love her 🌸 🌸” a third fan wrote.

Sherrod’s post included three videos from her Instagram story that day, showing Harper in her hospital gown preparing for her surgery, then on her way to the operating room in a pink toy car that the hospital lets children drive into their surgeries, and finally after the operation, held in her mother’s arms and eating a popsicle. Sherrod and Jackson’s voices can be heard in each of the three clips, encouraging their daughter throughout the process.

What Does Adenoid Removal Surgery Entail?

According to KidsHealth, the adenoids are a “patch of tissue” in the back of the nasal cavity, located near the tonsils. Their main purpose is to catch and filter out bacteria and viruses that are breathed in or eaten, however they mainly serve this purpose for babies and young children, shrinking over time and practically disappearing by the teen years.

The adenoids can become swollen or infected as they catch bad bacteria, causing breathing issues (especially through the nose) and trouble sleeping.

The term for an adenoid removal surgery is an adenoidectomy, which requires no stitches and leaves no scar. The average recovery time is about a week, according to the outlet, during which a child may have a sore throat and need to eat soft foods.

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