Erin Napier Posts Photo of Ben in Christmas-Themed Costume

Erin & Ben "Home Town"

HGTV Erin and Ben Napier pose together.

HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier have been married for nearly 13 years. Fans of their hit show “Home Town” and its spin-off series “Home Town Takeover” appreciate the couple’s on-screen relationship. Erin also shares moments with her husband on Instagram.

Erin Napier Shared a Picture of Her Husband Dressed as Santa Claus With Fans

On September 17, Erin Napier shared a picture of her and her husband on Instagram. The photo showed the couple posing together. Erin smiled and leaned into Ben, who was wearing a Santa Claus costume complete with a hat.

“[H]is best life [sparkle emoji],” read the caption of the post.

Fellow HGTV star Drew Scott responded to the picture by leaving a crying-laughing emoji in the post’s comments section. Quite a few social media users also took the time to comment on the Christmas-themed photo. Some fans suggested that it was a bit early to be spreading holiday cheer.

“He makes a great Santa and you make a beautiful couple bbbbuuuuttttt, it’s September [crying-laughing emoji] [leaves emoji] [moon cake emoji],” wrote the commenter.

“Man? Is it Christmas already? [three red heart emoji] [pine tree emoji],” commented another fan.

Erin replied to that commenter and suggested that they were filming something related to Christmas for their show, by writing “it is in TV world!”

Erin Napier Was Asked if She Had a Particular Fondness for ‘Santa Figures’ in 2019

While speaking with David Nasser, former Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development at Liberty University, at the Liberty University Convocation in September 2019, Ben and Erin Napier discussed the start of their relationship. The couple shared that they were introduced at Jones County Junior College and Ben explained that “the first time [they] met was move out day, freshman year” at a McDonald’s. He stated that “a friend of [his] was going to be transferring away so [he] said well let’s get lunch” at the fast-food establishment. While at Mcdonald’s, he ran into Erin and her roommate.

Erin, who had admired her now-husband from afar, revealed that she was “like a nervous wreck” when he approached her. According to the mother-of-two, after he introduced himself, she revealed that she recognized him. She told him that she had “seen [him] around campus” and that he “look[ed] just like a guy [she] worked with.”

“The subtext of that was I have a crush on this guy that I work with because he looks like Ben Napier. But I didn’t say that I just said, ‘You look like a guy who I work with,’” said Erin.

Ben responded flirtatiously to that comment.

“And I’m as slick as they come, I say, ‘Oh he must be really good looking,’” said the woodworker.

Erin, however, replied by saying “I guess.” She explained that she had wanted to say “yes you are and I love you and you smell good” but was unable to do so.

During this conversation, Nasser asked Erin if she has “always been attracted to Santa figures.”

“Yes, no joke she was a huge — her celebrity crushes are Ryan Dunn, Zach Galifianakis, Chris Farley,” revealed Ben.

Erin did not answer Nasser’s question but shared that “when [she] was little [she] did want the biggest stuffed animals, like the very biggest ones.”

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