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Erin Napier

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HGTV star Erin Napier opened her Scent Library in November 2022, and has been steadily growing her candle business over the past year. Now, in a November 3 Instagram post, the “Home Town” star announced a new partnership that is helping inspire her next seasonal scent.

“For this year’s special edition [Scent Library] candle we are partnering with the [Salvation Army] to raise awareness to help families who are struggling to make ends meet this holiday season. It is the smell of a zingy navel orange and spicy clove, and it makes my heart feel full with childhood Christmas magic. Shop it now at or in select [Dillard’s] across the US. (all candles made right here at our factory in Laurel, Miss. 🇺🇸)” Erin wrote in her post’s caption.

Napier’s post included a photo of the new candle, called “Season of Hope”. The new candles are sold in a red jar reminiscent of the Salvation Army’s collection buckets.

Napier also added photos of her mother’s house all decked out from Christmases past, and in her caption, she shared more about how the new candle’s scent took inspiration from her childhood memories of the holiday season. She wrote, “Do you find that no matter what you do to make Christmas magic for your family as an adult, the best and strongest memories and magic are still at your mama’s house? Did you make pomanders at Christmas when you were a kid? It’s a powerful scent memory for me—the whole cloves my mama and I would stick into the navel oranges and stack them in a tower that looked like a tree. It was a scent I only experienced in December and so it became the fragrance of feeling safe and warm and happy at home.”

Fans Think Erin Napier Already Set Up Her Christmas Tree

Despite explaining her inspiration, some users thought Napier’s photos from past years were current photos of her own home.

“Do you have your tree up???Or, is that from a previous year?!🎄” one user wrote, while another added, “I’ve heard that it’s disrespectful to veterans to put up Christmas decorations before Veterans Day.”

Napier explained in a reply, “this is my mama’s house over the years!”

Other users were very excited by the new candle announcement and took to Napier’s comment section to share their own holiday memories.

“The smell of Christmas morning was the oyster stew my dad HAD to have for breakfast 🤢. Please don’t make it into a candle scent 😂 😱.” one user shared.

“My Dad always put an orange in the bottom of our stockings. The warmth of the fireplace (only sometimes necessary in Houston, TX) would release the scent.” another fan wrote.

“It’s the smell and hum of my parents gas logs burning that always mean it’s Christmas time to me ❤️” a third user commented.

Erin Napier Brought Home 2 New Additions Just in Time for the Holiday Season

This holiday season is sure to be an exciting one for the Napier family, as they are welcoming two new members into the family. Erin revealed in an October 19 Instagram post that she and her husband/co-host Ben Napier had brought home two new black labs, Finn and Annie.

The new dogs are littermates who Erin confirmed are “hunting school dropouts”. Erin wrote in a comment, “they were supposed to be duck dogs and have been through all the training, but they don’t like water. so they were gifted to us! ❤️”

Finn and Annie join Erin and Ben’s other family dog, a Great Pyrenees named Baker, which the Napiers brought home in February 2022 after losing their previous dog, also named Baker, the Summer before.

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