Evan Thomas Thanks Dave & Jenny Marrs for Help With Special Project

Keith Bynum, Evan Thomas, Dave and Jenny Marrs

HGTV UK / YouTube Keith Bynum, Evan Thomas, Dave and Jenny Marrs

HGTV stars Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum weren’t afraid to call in reinforcements. The Wednesday, November 1 finale of “Bargain Block” season three saw them do just that when they reached out to “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Dave and Jenny Marrs to come assist with their Italian-villa-inspired renovation in their home city, Detroit.

Dave and Jenny made the trip up from Bentonville, Arkansas, spending time in Thomas and Bynum’s workshop and helping them bring the kitchen space to life.

Thomas thanked the Marrses for their contribution in a November 2 Instagram post, writing, “Hard to believe that season 3 is over, but it was a nice way to end it! The Italian house really came together with the help of our friends @jennymarrs and @dave.marrs. The handmade tile worked perfectly with that pretty olive color. Thanks so much for the help, Dave and Jenny!”

The Marrses teased their “Bargain Block” visit after filming for the episode in August 2023, with Jenny writing in an Instagram post that she and Dave had “Such a fun day in Detroit with a couple of our favorites!”

Fans Already Miss ‘Bargain Block’ Season 3

While in Detroit, Dave and Jenny helped Thomas and Bynum build a hood for their kitchen. The design incorporated imported slats of olive wood that a friend had given “Bargain Block” boys. While in the workshop, the Marrses insisted on getting a look at Thomas and Bynum’s CNC machine, a computerized machine that helps cut wood precisely, saving the designers quite a bit of time.

Dave immediately fell in love, telling Jenny he wanted a CNC machine of his own, to which his wife responded, “This has become a very expensive trip for me.”

Once in the house, Bynum asked for Jenny’s advice as to which color they should paint the kitchen cabinets, and Jenny suggested they go with an olive green to continue the theme from the imported wood. She also teased that this is a color she is using in her and Dave’s renovation of a centuries-old Italian villa, which will be featured in the spin-off mini-series “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano”, which is expected to air on HGTV in 2024.

Fans loved getting to see two of their favorite HGTV couples collaborate, however they were sad that this episode marked the end of the “Bargain Block” season. Many users took to Thomas’s comment section to make their voices heard.

“Stunning! My only complaint is that your season is way too short. Your show is like no other.” one user wrote.

“Always hate to see your season end but look forward to anything you guys do on HGTV and of course your next season of shows from Detroit.” another fan added.

Dave & Jenny Marrs Would Trade Places With Evan Thomas & Keith Bynum

Dave and Jenny have always been big fans of Bynum and Thomas’ work. In an October 2023 interview with Heavy, the “Fixer to Fabulous” couple shared that if they could switch places with any of their fellow HGTV hosts for a day, they would want to take the “Bargain Block” boys’ spot.

“I love the idea of buying these amazing, old, really cheap houses. And they’re really helping to transform Detroit. They’re doing a lot of revitalization, and I think they’re super creative with the limited budgets that they have,” Dave said of their friends’ work.

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