Erin Napier Celebrates Sweet Mother-Daughter Milestone

Erin Napier

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Erin Napier got in the Mother’s Day spirit early this year, revealing on Instagram that she celebrated a new mother-daughter milestone with her firstborn, Helen. The HGTV star shared photos of a handmade tile featuring Helen’s handprint and a card.

“My first Muffins with Mom at school,” Erin captioned the post. “My gosh what a privilege to be someone’s home, mama, comfort. Between this and the cuddles from Mae this morning who told me ‘you my bess fren,’ feeling like I my heart could bust.’”

Schools around the country host events like Muffins with Mom, inviting mothers and other parental figures to celebrate around Mother’s Day.

Erin ended her post with a message to fellow mothers.

“For you mamas coming up on our special day and feeling so tired and like you don’t know what you’re doing: it’s all of us,” she continued in the caption. “20 years from today we will miss this incredibly difficult and sweet season, so let’s savor every drop.”

Erin and her husband Ben rose to fame renovating houses around their community of Laurel, Mississippi on “Home Town.” The couple shares two daughters – Helen, 5, and Mae, nearly 2.

Erin Napier’s Post Inspired Other Mothers to Share Their Stories

Erin’s post inspired other women to share their memories of Muffins with Mom and ruminate on motherhood.

“We had our lovely Muffins with Mom today at the preschool where I work!” commented one fan. “So much fun for this mom whose girls are 25, 23 and 23. Yes, enjoy this season — it goes incredibly quickly. And then you’ll enjoy a new season with your children — friendship, and it’s wonderful. 💗”

Another follower added, “All my muffins with mom memories have been popping up this week in my feed. It’s hard to believe how fast the years have passed. I’d love the chance to snuggle my (lap fitting) babies in my lap one more time.”

Many of her commenters were women with grandkids, revealing that being a mom is a role that never ends.

“Somebody recently asked me to describe myself in one word,” explained a mom. “Mother came to mind. My youngest is 39 🤣 And I have 10 grands. But mother will always be the heart of me.”

Helen’s tile and card will likely be cherished mementos in the years to come. One commenter reflected on the importance of the Mother’s Day cards she received over the years.

“I have every Mother’s Day cards my two sons gave me,” she wrote below Erin’s post. “My 1st born son died 1 1/2 years ago at the age of 44. I will reread all the cards from him and my other son on Mother’s Day and feel blessed because he made me a mom. The best ‘job’ I’ve ever had ❤️”

Helen Napier Saw Their Parents Surprise Fort Morgan, Colorado for ‘Home Town Takeover’ Season 2

Helen and Mae were on hand when the Napiers surprised Fort Morgan, Colorado for season 2 of “Home Town Takeover.” The stars partnered with “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Dave and Jenny Marrs to give the community a “whole-town renovation,” HGTV explained in a press release.

The six-episode season follows the two couples “as they mobilize 10 all-star HGTV and Food Network talent to help complete 18 renovation projects across homes, local businesses and public spaces,” according to the season description. “The goal for the renovations, which range from refreshing a local bowling alley and revitalizing a public park to sprucing up the downtown business district and updating homes of local heroes, will be to amplify the town’s charm, build community pride and catapult Fort Morgan into a new era of limitless potential.”

While Dave and Jenny focus on renovating residences and local businesses, the Napiers are tackling community-wide projects.

As viewers have seen, Ben and Erin have already commissioned two murals, made over Main Street and created a Prairie Maze. They revealed on Instagram that their favorite project, a giant fishing lure on a grain bin billboard, will be featured in an upcoming episode.

“Home Town Takeover” airs on HGTV on Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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