Did Erin Napier Ever Want To Be a Professional Musician?

Erin & Ben "Home Town"

HGTV Erin and Ben Napier star on "Home Town."

Since the premiere of the HGTV series “Home Town” in 2016, Erin Napier has made a name for herself as an incredible home renovator. However, some viewers may not be aware of the fact that the television personality also has a passion for music. 

Erin Napier Spoke About Being a Musician in a Recent Interview

During a recent interview on the “Biscuits & Jam” podcast, Erin and her husband Ben briefly discussed her background as a singer. The podcast’s host, Sid Evans, who is the editor-in-chief of Southern Living, mentioned that he “know[s] first hand that [she] play[s] the guitar and that [she has] a beautiful singing voice.” He also noted that she “used to sing in coffee shops in Laurel,” Mississippi, where “Home Town” is filmed. Evans then asked the mother-of-two if she “ever [thought] of music as something [she] would pursue as a career or as something more serious.” 

At first, Erin did not address the question. She, instead, suggested that Ben and her mother, Karen Rasberry, have encouraged her to continue working on music. 

“Ben and my mama can not let the dream die,” said Erin. 

She then explained that she does not consider herself to be a “songwriter.” 

“I’ve never written a song. I like to play cover songs. That’s fun to me but I’m no songwriter and I know people who are great ones and I just couldn’t,” said the television personality with a laugh.  

Evans proceeded to compliment how she performed the song “Me and Bobby McGee” by Kris Kristofferson. Ben chimed in that his wife “does a really mean version of just about every Sheryl Crow song there is.” Erin then referenced that Crow appeared in an episode of “Home Town Takeover.”

“I loved her in high school, so I had a hard time being cool when we met,” said Erin. 

The 35-year-old then noted that she was unable to play music with Crow, as their interaction with each other was relatively brief. 

“She was there for only a couple hours and she had to get back to Nashville, so we did not get to play,” said the HGTV star. 

Erin then asserted that while she “used to be a musician,” she is “so bad now.” Evans responded by saying that he “respectfully disagree[d] with that statement.” 

“So do I,” asserted Ben. 

Erin thanked Ben and Evans, telling them that they were “sweet.” 

Erin Napier Has Posted Song Covers on Social Media

Wide Open Country reported Erin used to upload Instagram videos that showed her covering popular songs. For instance, one video, uploaded on June 11, 2016, featured her showing off her voice with her rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” In the caption of the post, she explained that “when [she] was 14, [she] started playing music at the coffee house in downtown Laurel to earn [her] money.”

“I did that until I graduated high school, when my interests in art just kind of edged out my interest in music, and [Ben] still mourns it, always asking me to sing him a song. It just wasn’t where my heart was anymore. It’s been so long since I played. At least a year,” read a portion of the caption.

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